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Thursday, May 1, 2008

From One Culturally Disgruntled Blogger to Another (An Appeal)

From: Me
To: Chez Pazienza

Dear Mr. Pazienza,
Forgive the formality, I'm only trying to be respectful. I've been reading your blog for a while now, and I've tried my hand at blogging myself. I used to write mock late night monologues about recent events, and for a while it worked. Eventually though, it just wasn't as easy as it seemed and I found myself launching tirades against a usual gang of targets. (I know Paris and Britney are fun to mock and all, but I felt I was running out of ideas.) Not too long ago, I started reading your column, Deus Ex Malcontent, and immediately thought, "That's what I want to be when I grow up." It reminded me of the rant columns I'd write and print in the high school paper, and it reminded me of how much I enjoyed writing, especially when it was voicing my opinion and looking for the next venomous barb to plunge in the heart of popular culture. I'll cut to the point, because right now I must sound like a major kiss ass: you and your blog have inspired me to start my own blog that shall resurrect my old rant column. You're probably wondering, "Why should I give a shit?" Well, I know you've got your column out there and I didn't want you to think that I was trying to cut in on your turf. I'd like to think I'm witty, but your barbs are seasoned with the years of experience and culture you've pushed through, whereas I am a "young little shit" trying to somehow break into the big time via his own highly opinionated blog.
In short, I come before you dear Godfather, for a blessing. A blessing that I indeed am not ripping you off, or if I am I'm not doing it so badly that you feel your work is somehow lessened by it. I'm not asking for an autograph, though I'd gladly accept one. I'm not asking for you to drop my name with Arianna Huffington, or to publish a favorable piece about my blog in your blog, but I would be flattered as any person would. Really, I'm just making sure I'm not stepping on your toes, because you're one of the only people who has the cutting prose of sarcasm to rely on, as opposed to drawing on pictures of celebrities and bragging about hooking up with John Mayer. I shall be posting some of my past works soon, so feel free to read them and provide your judgment. If I seem to be a poor imitation of your writing instead of my own fresh, bitchy voice, then please tell me so that I may change.

I now include the linkage to my blog, and hope that you at least laugh a little bit.


Michael Reyes, aka Mr. Controversy

P.S. Do you mind if I print your response to this letter, if indeed there is one? I just think it'd be cool.

Here's hoping I get an answer! Fingers crossed.

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