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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

"...and that stranger is Larry King"

This might be seen as sucking up, but I actually just read this article and figured I'd link to it because I enjoy Deus Ex Malcontent quite a bit, and think this is a pretty good interview. http://www.gelfmagazine.com/archives/insolence_is_bliss.php

P.S. Chez, I'm sorry I haven't purchased Dark Star Twilight yet. I'VE ABANDONED YOUR CHILD! I'VE ABANDONED YOUR GIRRRRLL! (Ok, nothing to be sorry about, but just had to throw in the reference there.)

P.P.S. To anyone who thought this was merely a post to suck up...fuck you. It's to suck up AND to plug Deus Ex Malcontent, in hopes of rocketing myself to some degree of Net Notoriety. Get it right!

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