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Mike Reyes, aka Mr. Controversy, has considered himself a writer ever since he was a child. He wrote for various school publications from about 1995 until 2006, and currently runs both The Bookish Kind and Mr. Controversy, which is an offshoot of the regular column he wrote in High School. He's also a film journalist/critic for Cocktails & Movies and CinemaBlend, as well as the author of several short stories such as "The Devil v. George W. Bush". Any inquiries for reprinting, writing services, or general contact, should be forwarded to: mikereyeswrites@gmail.com

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Friday, June 27, 2008

Apologies for the slight delay

Got a little busy with work stuff yesterday, so I was unable to post Part II of the Practical Guide to Buying Music. Well, you'll get two entries of that today, plus a nice rant that's NOT about Hollywood for a change. However, I will do Hollywood a great service today (or at least attempt to) by putting out a message on their behalf...

Fucking go see Wall-E this weekend. Wanted can wait. Don't argue with me on this, goddamnit, gas is high and Wall-E deserves to be a hit. Just do it.

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