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Monday, June 30, 2008

Aren't fans the ones you DON'T punch in the face?

Part III of the Buyer's Guide will be up...when it is. Work stuff prevails, and all that. However, that's not going to stop, at the very least, a quick take on my end. Here's some titles for a future Amy Winehouse greatest hits album...provided her career (and her body) last long enough to justify one.
- Amy Winehouse's Greatest Hits

- Pull No Punches

- Through the Crack(s)

- Oh, Beehive

- No, No, No (which is what record execs should be saying to a greatest hits album at this point.)

- You Know That I'm No Good

And as a bonus, a title for the (probably not) future CD from her live performance at the Glastonbury Festival.

- Amy Winehouse: Live and Swinging


Anonymous said...


Mr. Controversy said...

Lol. I'll admit, what I've heard of her music I've enjoyed. The poor woman is a mess though. Oh, is there going to be a review of The Stolen Earth? I'm anxious to see what you have to say, particularly of the finale, which was a giant WTF?!

Anonymous said...

I'll be addressing that one on Friday. I can understand why people dig at Amy Winehouse - she's pretty much asking for it. I just like to wonder how the Beatles would have coped if the press had been as nasty in their day... and in honesty, I get the impression the fan tried something, which is why she attacked. Otherwise they would surely have gone to the press to sell their story... wouldn't they?

I hate my press and love singers, basically.

Mr. Controversy said...

Amen to that. I'm actually checking Back to Black out from the library this week to give it a full proper listen. All the cheap jokes aside, I hope the woman cleans up and recovers because she definitely has talent, it's just that she's so "tabloid friendly".

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