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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Harlan Ellison, Professional Ass Kicker

One sad note before we begin, legendary actress and dancer Cyd Charisse passed away yesterday. The woman who danced with not only Gene Kelly, but Fred Astaire as well, danced her way into the hearts of many a moviegoer in Hollywood's Golden Age. I'll never forget her pas de deux in Singin' In The Rain with Gene Kelly. Rest in peace, Ms. Charisse.

I'm sorry to follow something so somber with something so bitter, but it's for the public's own good...

Harlan Ellison is a fucking genius. I might be one of the "amateurs" who's trying to undercut the professionals (unintentionally, I assure you) but you have to respect a writer who's done as much as he has and talks like THIS to the Hollywood system. This is a short clip from a film done about Mr. Ellison, "Dreams with Sharp Teeth" and boy if this doesn't make me want to search this out, I don't know what will.

This much I know, this is the guy I want to grow up to be. Brilliant and respected, but with enough edge and balls that I know what's best for me while helping others. Warning: this video is extremely quotable, and you're going to probably want some stationary, t-shirts, or plaques made up with the genius that is Harlan Ellison. Just pay him first before you do anything...you might not like him burning your house to the ground.

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