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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

A massive display of "pwnage"

"This has been a long campaign, and I will be making no decisions tonight."

Well, Ms. Clinton, the funny thing is...the American public made its decision last night, and you're not it. In what should have been her concession speech last night, Hillary decided she was going to make no decisions. She also been recently noted for saying that she was also concerned with the unity of the Democratic party, and that if a Vice Presidential nomination were to drop into her lap, she most certainly wouldn't kick it out of bed.

A very audacious move, but keep in mind the Democratic Party has become the party of audacity. Only where Senator Obama's audacity is one of hope, Ms. Clinton's is one of a powerful lust for power. Her wheeling and dealing has been all too public, and there is a high level of transparency to her actions. Ms. Clinton wants back in the White House. She's very clear on this point, and the point that she will do ANYTHING in her power to get her there. VP, cabinet member, and if all else fails she'll become part of the custodial staff.

Why? Because she has a huge chip on her shoulder. She is the first female to run for president. Her husband had an eight year term that some romanticize, while others chastise. Mix all this in with her previous career as a successful senator, and you've got someone who thinks they're ordained for power, destined for greatness. Well, Ms. Clinton, you are not destined for greatness. And before anyone points it out, I have noticed that I call her "Ms." instead of "Senator". My reasoning: Ms. Clinton stopped being a senator the minute she said she was "in it to win it", which she didn't. People like her have a one track mind when it comes to their ambitions. Everything and anything gets poured into the big dream, and all of her energy burned in this one bright flame that consumed all it could around it. She is a puppet master, trying to manipulate the strings of anyone who'll allow her the opportunity, and she's gotten some pretty powerful people behind her that way.

Even James Carville, a man who was portrayed as a brilliant, no nonsense strategist for the Dems, looked pussy whipped in an interview this morning on Good Morning America. When asked about a pledge he made to write a check towards Senator Obama's campaign if he won the nomination, he replied "If my gal tells me Senator Obama is the nominee, I'll get out my checkbook..." (Note: That is a rough paraphrasing of what Mr. Carville has said. It is not a direct quote.) Well, Mr. Carville, I have something to say to you...

Why did Senator Clinton lose? Very simply, in my opinion, she was too negatively viewed by a significant portion of the public, and on top of that she had very little room to maneuver. Ever since her husband's tenure in office, she's been seen as the person who was truly running the White House, and ever since his leaving office people have thrown her name onto the short list of potential candidates for the general election cycle. It didn't happen in 2000, that was Gore's turn to fail. It didn't happen in 2004, she was too busy being Senator and it was Kerry's folly that year. 2008 seemed like a last chance, seeing as our friend isn't exactly getting any younger. Her negativity is generated from her previous reputation from her husband's presidency. That stretches all the way back to 1992...16 years people have known Hillary Clinton, and 16 years she's built an image of a dominatrix who strongarms opponents and will do anything short of sacrifice Chelsea and Socks to Satan himself to get what she wants.The point is, Hillary should have ran earlier if she wanted to actually win, because people would have still been interested in the concept of her being president. The more time passed, the more people's opinions of her as a presidential hopeful cemented, and the more they cemented the less wiggle room she had to maneuver with the voters. She didn't try to sway the voting public to her side soon enough. She waited too long, allowing people to make up their minds about her, and once people have made up their minds it's really hard to change them without some sort of massive force.

She only moved to New York so she could run for Senator, and being senator of a big state is usually a good way to get yourself eventually thrown into a presidential contest. All she had to do was wait...which she did. And she failed...EPICALLY. Now, she'll huff and puff until she'll get her way, which she won't, and she'll be forced to lower her expectations and take what she can get.

Well, I think it would be an unwise move to put Ms. Clinton into ANY position of power in the Obama White House, should there be one. Ms. Clinton's manipulations should be stopped here, and limited to the great state of New York, where they truly know how to take out the trash, as they will eventually with her. She has already damaged the credibility of her husband's name, the Democratic party, and what's more the electoral process of the United States of America. Her actions should be punished, and Senator Obama should find a suitable running mate for his campaign. Say, a twentysomething wunderkind from New Jersey, full of dreams, hope, and tenacity, who happens to blog in his favor. 0:)

Whatever happens next, ladies and gentlemen, should be interesting at least. The election of 2008 is going to be hotly contested, bitterly fought, and eventually one man will claim the prize of the highest elected office in this nation, besides becoming a fucking American Idol. Let's make sure the right person wins. Let's make sure we make the right choice for the democracy and the security of our country. Please...
Vote Denny Crane for Vice President
As an added bonus...
A little something to rub the salt in the wounds of Ms. Clinton's supporters. A video that could be called a tribute to mediocrity at worst, and a complete clusterfuck of lame at best.
And for the Obama supporters out there, a little booster. We've heard it before, we'll hear it again...
Next stop...the Democratic National Convention. Yes we can...yes we WILL.


Chez said...

Denny Crane.

Oh, that's good.

And Alan Shore for president while we're at it. At least we'd finally have a philandering president who's hitting something worthwhile. Anyone who can sleep with Rhona Mitra....

Mr. Controversy said...

Agreed. Plus, the State of the Union could be replaced by Balcony Chats. And just imagine the cabinet choices...

Hope your breakfast went well, but I'm sure we'll all know the results depending on if you've been blackbagged or not.

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