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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Nut Shots are funny again

For awhile, I believed that the nut shot became the lowest form of humor. Endless hours of America's Funniest Home Videos, countless stupid romantic comedies, and YouTube turned something that was so pure...(Note:The original "Man Getting Hit By Football" video is nowhere to be found in YouTube. So, I had to go with an AMV with the original sound dubbed in.)

...into something so cheap.

The nut shot seemed pretty dead. Then, the nutshot started to come back...

But even then, there was still doubt that it would be resurrected in live action media. Not anymore, not any fucking more because hope came from the most unlikely (and pretty damn likely) of sources. Behold the "viral video" for Tropic Thunder.

Yes, nut shots are funny again, and thanks for Robert Downey Jr., Jack Black, and surprisingly funny again Ben Stiller. This not only gives me hope for comedy, but it also gives me hope for Tropic Thunder not sucking. This is genuinely funny, and I think it's mostly because of Iron Man (Hey, that's how he's credited on the poster, it can't be argued.) Panda helps too, but Stiller surprisingly erases the collective memory of his latest suckfests to show us a glimpse of the comedic genius who used to be.

This could be the beginning of something wonderful. A comedic renaissance of epic proportions. Or it could just be a temporary pass from the hell that is modern comedy. In closing, I would like to nominate the next person who should get the now patented Robert Downey Jr. Nut Shot O' Doom (working title):

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