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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Pairity, Volume 2

Point: A tried and true formula, updated for today without sacrificing its past incarnation, as well as throwing in nods to its origins.

Counterpoint: A tried and true formula, rehashed yet again with a new ethnicity to mock, and the same old dick, shit, and midget jokes used in other projects of the like.

Advantage: Would you believe, Point, by $25.2 million? Congratulations to Get Smart for showing that there's still people who know the difference between right and wrong choices at the movies. Let's hope they know what they're doing and show up to theaters on August 29th and strike a blow for the movie going public...

Friedberg, Seltzer, it's on. I'm gathering some forces, and I'm going to show that there's still intelligence in the world. There are other, better movies being released on the same date as yours, and I'm going to educate everyone I can on them. Even if you hit number 1, it'll be out of people's desperation. You're being released in AUGUST, the beginning of the second shit movie season of the year. If anyone had confidence in your product, you'd be released either between May and July or Novemeber and January. Your success is in most part due to lack of competition. Well you're not as lucky this time. We succeeded with M. Night Shyamalan, we succeeded with Mike Meyers, and you're next. This world deserves a better class of blockbuster...and I'm gonna show it to them. So now, I have one huge question for everyone out there who's reading...

Who's with me?


Anonymous said...

BRING IT ON! (I feel oddly inspired by this blog entry)

Mr. Controversy said...

It's because of Get Smart...its defeat of The Love Guru gives us hope. I, for one, think there's a chance, no matter how slim, that Disaster Movie could be prevented from being number 1. Parodying movies that are already out is one thing, but stooping to making fun of movies that weren't even released when you were filming...that's just fucking lazy. (Not to mention, the production value clearly shows with the Iron Man costume at the top of the trailer.)

Anonymous said...

I also just watched a female tennis player from Great Britain make it to the second round of Wimbledon, so it seems to me that 2008 is going to be a year of miracles. We can do this!

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