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Monday, June 23, 2008

Ten Reasons You Should Have Seen Get Smart This Weekend

10-8: Anne Hathaway. I don't care about the age difference, her and Steve Carell worked well together. And, as always, she's in that category of "classy hot".

7. The movie is extremely quotable. Some of my favorites include: - "Would you believe, Chuck Norris with a BB gun?"
- "...If you were thinking "Holy shit, holy shit, the swordfish almost went through my head", then yes."
- "...We don't jam staples in people's heads. That's CIA crap!"

6. The supporting cast is hysterical. I'm eagerly awaiting the Bruce and Lloyd direct to DVD movie. Score 1 for the tech geeks.
5. It blended parts of the aesthetic of Alias with the original Get Smart, and on top of that it referenced the original without going overboard.

4. Patrick Warburton's cameo at the end.

3. Steve Carell's Maxwell Smart isn't a complete bumbler, but still manages to trip up where it counts. Still, it was good to see a "spyfish out of water" movie where it didn't depend on him being a complete idiot, only to unrealistically win the day at the end.

2. The theme song. Always will be, and always has been, awesome. The revamp is quite nice.

1. The Chief kicks major ass. Alan Arkin stole all of his scenes, and frankly, I'd like to see The Chief go out on more missions. Bravo for breaking the stereotype of having a kick assed boss and just letting him sit behind a desk the whole film. (Think we could get a gun in Judi Dench's hand for Bond 23? I want to see her clip some bad guys. Just asking is all.)


Anonymous said...

Reason 11: It isn't Johnny English?

Mr. Controversy said...

Very true on reason 11. Although, I do have a soft spot in my heart for that movie. It was still disappointing nonetheless, and I was happy this movie seemed to had learned from the mistakes Johnny English made.

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