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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Ad Ventures Part II: The Quickening

After Ad Ventures, Part I: The Prequel with no Roman Numeral; I was greeted with more possible ad taglines. I wonder how I can get this stuff made into T-Shirts, because honestly I think these'd go over well in public. And when I say, "Go over well", I mean, "You probably don't want to wear these to church."

Anyway, on with the taglines. One of the new kids in the pool, Dave B, had these gems. (Again, they will be provided with personal commentary.)

Mr. Controversy: Anti-Abortion Rape Advocate!
The parodox this invokes is nothing short of a headscratcher to those who don't get subtle, contradictory humor. In other words, it's right at home with this website.

Mr. Controversy: He'll Cornhole Your Mind!
Sounds like it hurts...which means it's working.

Mr. Controversy: Commentary That's Over Your Head!
This one just flat out says, "Don't question it, just go with it." I like it.

Mr. Controversy: The Internet's Finest Porn Star and Priest
Hands down, one of the funniest things I've read. Also, I kindly asked Dave B. how he knew about my past as a porn star/priest, to which he replied, "Well, you know, us porn star/priests have to have a show of solidarity!" Amen Dave, amen.

Fellow commenter/reader/member of the Archive of Awesome, Seresecros, had these in mind:
Mr Controversy: Advocating the controlled execution of all Jewish people since 1991.
I'm not so sure about this one, I mean I'm perfectly fine with Jewish people. It's the ones that live up to the horrid ethnic stereotypes that I have a problem with, and that's certainly not all of them. I guess that's where the "controlled" part comes in.

Mr Controversy: The only blog that actively sets out to save us all from the domineering effect of mass-produced American culture that only serves to dilute the collective soul of the nation.
I think Chez at Deus Ex Malcontent would take offense to this, because he does a pretty good job of covering this base too. Other than that, I love the rest because it's true. I'm here to help the culture, folks.

Mr Controversy: I can read minds.
I saw that coming. Still a good one.
Keep 'em coming, kids! They're pretty damn funny so far. Oh, and one last thing, check out the Archive of Awesome on the left hand side of the page. They're my usual haunts on the Internet, and blogs I've read that I think are pretty...well, awesome. Dave B is the author of Misanthrope Inc. and Seresecros is the author of Wilftonville. Both are very funny, and worth your time, so read them now goddamnit! (Well, as soon as you're done for the day here. I wouldn't want you to leave too soon.)


Dave B. said...

Thanks for the shameless plug! *chuckle*

And I'll think of more... don't you worry about that.

For now, however, I must endure the realm of sleepiness, for third shift is an abomination upon man and dog.

Well.. me and my dog.

Mr. Controversy said...

Dog bless you my son, and you're welcome. I enjoy your blog, it's about time others did as well.

Dave B. said...

Ok. Here comes batch #2.

Mr. Controversy: Read This Or I'll Kill This Poodle!

Mr. Controversy: I've Boned Your Sister!

Mr. Controversy: Piggybacking Across The Multiverse!

Mr. Controversy: Bear Wrestler Since 1923!

Mr. Controversy: -omitted... it'll be a better post title for me *grin*

Mr. Controversy: Rubber Band Enthusiast!

Mr. Controversy: I Got Your Culture Shock Right Here! (warning: requires a picture of you groping yourself luridly. In saran wrap. Covered in garlic butter.)

Hope that's enough for ya boss.

Dave B. said...

Follow up comment: I'm stunned and humbled to be mentioned in the same Labels as Chez.

I'm not sure if he reads others blogs much. I kinda feel the need for saying "Hey, sorry for kinda swiping your style there, Chez, but it's so goddamn easy to read and has an air of authenticity and legitimacy to it."

Which it does, of course.

I just hope he realizes imitation is the finest form of flattery.

And if you talk to him much, tell him to read todays post. :P

Mr. Controversy said...

While I am not a representative of Chez, nor do I speak for him, I think he wouldn't have a problem with your blog. I actually had the same misgivings before I started this adventure, and I kindly refer you to a couple posts of mine where I addressed this and actually received a response. He's not hard to get in contact with, and he's just as cool as he is on the blog.



Mr. Controversy said...

Oh, and thanks for the continued production of taglines. I smell a possible Ad-Ventures 3.

Seresecros said...

Aw! You are just a big softie at heart, ain't you? I'd suggest some more lines, but the one with you wrapped in saran wrap and covered in garlic butter is unbeatable.

Chez said...

You people have problems. I'm kind of a douchebag. Thanks for the kind words though. : )

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