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Mike Reyes, aka Mr. Controversy, has considered himself a writer ever since he was a child. He wrote for various school publications from about 1995 until 2006, and currently runs both The Bookish Kind and Mr. Controversy, which is an offshoot of the regular column he wrote in High School. He's also authored several short stories such as "The Devil's Comedian", "The Devil v. George W. Bush", and most recently "Wait Until Tomorrow". He resides in New Jersey. Any inquiries for reprinting, writing services, or general contact, should be forwarded to: michaelreyes72@hotmail.com

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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Ad Ventures

So, I've been trying to think up some slogans for future ads showcasing my blog. (You know, for kids!) I posted a bulletin on MySpace, and my best friend Chris actually came up with the following taglines (enhanced with commentary).

"Mr. Controversy: Because He Fucking SAYS So!"
Hmm...that's a keeper.

"Mr. Controversy: Internet Reporting With Balls!"
Stephen Colbert might take offense with his website.

"Mr. Controversy: From His Cock to Your Face!"
...Not really.

"Mr. Controversy: Because Chuck Norris Already Has 'Mr. Internet Tough Guy' Status!"
Jack Bauer >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Chuck Norris

"Mr. Controversy: Ominous Latin Chanting Optional!"
Sanguis Bibimus. Corpus Edimus. Tolle Corpus Satani! Ave!

Any other ideas from all of you out there?


Dave B. said...

Sticking with the concept of your name, here are a few off the top of my head:

Mr. Controversy: Anti-Abortion Rape Advocate!

Mr. Controversy: He'll Cornhole Your Mind!

Mr. Controversy: Commentary That's Over Your Head!

Mr. Controversy: The Internet's Finest Porn Star and Priest!

By the by, found ya through Deus Ex. You're a righteous dude, in my unwanted opinion. Cheers.

Mr. Controversy said...

Any opinion is interesting in my opinion. Even if I were to get something negative on here, I find it interesting to read other's thoughts.

Put simply: I enjoy your opinions, and would like to know how in the world you found out about my former days as a porn star/priest.

Cheers back at ya, and thanks for reading.

Seresecros said...

Mr Controversy: Advocating the controlled execution of all Jewish people since 1991.

Mr Controversy: The only blog that actively sets out to save us all from the domineering effect of mass-produced American culture that only serves to dilute the collective soul of the nation.

Mr Controversy: I can read minds.

Dave B. said...

Well, you know, us porn star/priests have to have a show of solidarity!

As the old saying goes: The family that lays together stays together.

Or is it vice is nice but incest is best?

Or is that a different set of problems altogether? *grin*

Mr. Controversy said...

Heh heh. As they taught me in the Rectory, "Isn't the word Rectory funny? It's sacred, but it also sounds so dirty."

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