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Mike Reyes, aka Mr. Controversy, has considered himself a writer ever since he was a child. He wrote for various school publications from about 1995 until 2006, and currently runs both The Bookish Kind and Mr. Controversy, which is an offshoot of the regular column he wrote in High School. He's also authored several short stories such as "The Devil's Comedian", "The Devil v. George W. Bush", and most recently "Wait Until Tomorrow". He resides in New Jersey. Any inquiries for reprinting, writing services, or general contact, should be forwarded to: michaelreyes72@hotmail.com

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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Boredom, Thy Name is Work

So, as you all might know, work is getting boring as of late, which leads to me blogging more. Which in turn makes me paranoid I'll be spotted writting and will be given a firm reprimand/firing. Ah, paranoia...what wonderful inspiration! However, boredom cancels paranoia out, and thus my case of writer's block has come back. Neverfear, I'll try to come up with something. Any ideas/conversations/comments are welcome.


Dave B. said...

Howabout you post a fantasy office killing spree. But you can't use guns or knives, only the following items: A stapler, a pack of post-its, your mouse, 4 toner cartridges, a partition of your cubicle, a ream of 11x17 paper, and 5 Bic pens and a hole puncher. (Single, not the big metal 3 hole punch.)

Think of it as your Concrete-Jungle Safari Kit.

And make it read like you're a hunter. You know, stalking through the cubicle forest.

I'm assuming you work in such an environment, of course.

Have fun.

Mr. Controversy said...

I'm actually in an office building, no cubicles here. Still, that gives me an idea...

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