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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Color Commentary, or Ode to the Peanut Gallery

As you can see, I'm back from vacation. More on that in the coming shortened week. (I'm off on Friday to go see Dark Knight in IMAX at Noon in AC.) First though, I just want to say thanks to all the readers, in particular those who comment on the posts around here. I started this whole damn thing because I wanted to have a place where I could shout my opinion and not have to filter it (well, filter it as much) as I do in public and with other people. I also wanted to put something out there that people could read and enjoy. Most importantly though, I saw the blog trend taking off with the both the good (Deus Ex Malcontent) and the bad (Perez Hilton) reaping the benefits, so I figured I'd populate a nice big grey line in-between and see if I couldn't gain some notoriety myself.

Getting comments, talking with you all, it makes me feel vindicated for even beginning this enterprise and makes me feel that blogging while I work isn't only fun, it's somewhat vital to the Internet itself. Whomever blogs in fact, is doing the Internet a service by showing just how free speech flourishes on it. However, just because you can say what you want doesn't mean everyone is going to like you. It'll be interesting to see when anyone writes any truly incendiary comments on this blog in the future, and I'll thank them too because whether I piss you off, make you laugh, or get your full approval, I'm here to make you think.

Thank you all for making this run, so far, a smashing success. This just goes to show that sometimes the Peanut Gallery is more interesting than those who are truly running the show.

I doft my cap to you all,

Mr. C


Dave B. said...

This kind of tender-hearted, pussyfooting nonsense is the kind of crap I expect from the Oxygen channel!


Just kidding.

Seriously though, the complete audacity of anyone who would think that the entire world will love them is both baseless and from the realm of fairies.

Part of the beauty of expressing an opinion on a forum like this is that someone with an intellect that might actually surpass the low teens may raise an issue in such an educated way that it might cause YOU to rethink your stance.

I'm speculating, of course.

Though, realistically, most of us with an ounce of synaptic ability ultimately don't care whether someone likes or dislikes what we say, but we concede their right to argue us on a similar level.

I personally could give a shit less if someone doesn't like me because of what I have to say. If someone feels the need to make a snap judgement based on half a page of internet dreck, then fuck 'em.

You and I... and I'm sure plenty of others out there... we try to keep our eyes and ears open. We respect the fact that people might disagree with us, but to do so in a childish manner would only incur a horrible verbal wrath that would make any civilized, sentient creature weep.

I digress...

Anyway, this isn't the first time I've been called a member of a peanut gallery, so, by Loki, I'm gonna run with it.

Mr. Controversy said...

I only call you a member of the peanut gallery because I too am a member. It is an honor of distinction.

I agree with your stance, I enjoy contrary beliefs as much as I do agreeing beliefs. Yes, the ego may sting, but depending on how well constructed the counterpoint, I may change my stance. Or I might call someone words decent society would frown upon, but John McCain would embrace. Ultimately, whether it's agreeing or disagreeing, i'm still very thankful for the comment.

As for the pussyfooting...fuck the Oxygen channel. Not all women watch soft shit, some of them like explosions just like men do. Keep that shit on the WE network. Remember, Oxygen is flammable. Flammable = fire, explosions.
Explosions (sometimes, particularly in fiction)= fun, and profit!

Dave B. said...

Well, John McCain embraced calling his wife a cunt, so that's not necessarily a distinction there.

And yes, I know a few women who own handguns, play video games, spit, curse, fart, and are generally man-like in nature without sacrificing their own femininity in the process.

Of course, none of them are single.


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