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Friday, July 18, 2008

Pairity, Volume 3 (Special Double Header)

Point: A former TV star, who would later disappear from what seemed like a burgeoning movie career, playing the love interest to the greatest Detective in comic history.

Counterpoint: A proven Independent film star, who's gaining traction in mainstream Hollywood.

Advantage: Counterpoint, though sympathies do go out to Katie Holmes' dying career.

Point: An Academy Award winner putting a new spin on an old classic, and a Joker that's more menacing, but still a huge ham.

Counterpoint: An actor who tragically passed, before the performance that would have given him an all access ticket to any project he desired

Advantage: Draw. As easy as it could be to say Heath Ledger is absolutely brilliant as the Joker, I would have to say that both he and Joker Jack owned the role in their own rights. Burton's Joker was the perfect Joker for Burton's Batman, and the same for Nolan's Joker in Nolan's Batman. As opposed to pitting them against each other, I say let them compliment each other. Think of it as a comic versus a graphic novel.
Ultimate Advantage: Seeing Dark Knight in IMAX at noon, instead of spending the day at work.


Dave B. said...

I'd really like to see Katie Holmes cleaved in half with Tom Cruise's sharpened femur.

Advantage: They'd both be dead.

As for the Joker twins, and moreso Batman in general: Christian Bale and Keaton are very and somewhat believable bats, respectively.

But Kilmer and Clooney? And those villains? Ace Ventura: Batman Villain. Yeah. That has a ring to it.

Gag me with a socket wrench.

Anyway, it's all in the casting and scriptwriting. It's not like I expect these films to epitomize the pinnacle of cinematic achievement (for this, please see Apocalypse Now)... but I do expect them to not completely suck.

I suspect this one won't.

Mr. Controversy said...

It didn't. Sorry to say, it made Iron Man it's bitch and I loved Iron Man.

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