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Monday, July 28, 2008

Stupid Games

When I saw the trailer for Funny Games, I admit, I was impressed. The way the trailer combined "In the Hall of the Mountain King" with some vaguely threatening and violent action shots and a bunch of random descriptors made it such a good trailer.

I rented Funny Games over the weekend, and let me tell you it sucked Lincoln off the penny. It was one of the most disappointing disparities between the trailer and the actual product since Godzilla shat upon our shores in 1998. First off, the movie isn't as "daring" as the trailer implies, nor is it "dangerous", "brilliant", or "sensual". The film is actually quite boring, with NOTHING HAPPENING throughout. Sure, there's implied violence, a little gore, some suggestive material, and the classic "bad guys win" ending, but there's no story. No reason is given for the events of the film, no throughline leads the audience from point A to point B. I mean, fucking hell, they even kept calling each other different names, so as to deny the audience the pleasure of knowing what the fuck they're watching. There's very little dialogue in the film, there's not too many "set pieces", and the lack of interest and action set in fairly early in the film. There was one reason I sat through this entire piece of shit movie...the "plot twist".

My best friend had told me that there was a plot twist so batshit insane within the ending of the film that he knew I'd hate it. Snorb, you were 100% accurate. Behold, the massive "plot twist":

Wow...I expect a film that's been described as a post modern deconstruction on violence in films, and how the audience is made a party to such violence simply by watching, and instead I get a shitty shot for shot retread of a foreign film with no plot, very little sense, and a REMOTE CONTROL THAT CONTROLS THE UNIVERSE! Shit, if I wanted that, I could have watched Click, at least there's a story and it has Christopher Walken as the Angel of Death. (In other words, he played himself.)

Yep folks, Funny Games is nothing more than disappointment poured over shit and served on a big old heap of pretension. Don't waste your money, or you'll just go to bed crying that you've been had. And while we're on the subject, I just remembered: there was a more recent movie that was a greater disappointment, based solely on its trailers. In fact, there were two:

I'm finished...homeskillet. To cap it all off, 0:07 - 0:12 in this final clip sum up my feelings of the films in question. Also, it's a hysterical clip from one of the classiest comedies to come out of the 20th century. Take us home, Otto...


Seresecros said...

Y'know what's better than A Fish Called Wanda? ALMOST EVERYTHING.

I'm English, but I hate that film. Does that make me a self-racist?

Mr. Controversy said...

No, it just makes you a target for John Cleese's moving death squads...I hear they're quite lethal. Run fast my friend, run fast.

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