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Monday, July 21, 2008

Weekend Update

Hey folks! I'm back from a long weekend of...movies. I actually saw several films this weekend, and I'm still surprised I saw that many. In order, I saw...

- Dark Knight (in IMAX)
- Batman: Gotham Knight
- Mamma Mia
- Lions for Lambs
- Wall-E (again)
It was an interesting weekend, filled with relaxation, enjoyment, dread, disappointment, and rushing to meet showtimes. In other words, it was a typical weekend, but another good one. Though I will say this, it's good to be back here with all you fine, fine people.

Expect a chronicle of one of this weekend's more perilous exploits (if you've read the list of movies from this weekend, you'll know what I'm talking about.) and, of course, Part V of The Devil v. George W. Bush.
(I apologize for the presense of my Late Night archnemesis, Jimmy Fallon. Just deal, it's all we fucking can do at this point.)


Dave B. said...

When we conquer the world, lets draw and quarter Jimmy Fallon. With shetlands. It'll be fun.

Seresecros said...

This blog entry was so awesome I was tempted to giggle throughout it while looking directly into the camera and licking my lips menacingly whilst doing so. Accompanied by Horatio Sanz.

Mr. Controversy said...

...That doesn't sound like an SNL sketch, that sounds like a date rape. A vicious, vicious case of male date rape. No wonder it invokes Jimmy Fallon.

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