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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

With regards/apologies to Webster's Is My Bitch

Pixar, v., "To express uncontrollable emotion in one category or another, be it laugher, sorrow, giddiness, or concern."

Usage: "The Grand Canyon was so pretty, I Pixared."

"I swear, when he tells that joke everyone has a good Pixar."

"Honey, I'm sorry I Pixared too soon. I was really getting into it."

Pixar films are an easy sell for me, it all just gets ranked with the rest of the films as to how good it is. The lowest being the "outtakes" they'd attach with their films, and the highest being an extremely close tie between Wall-E and The Incredibles. In any case, I'm looking extremely forward to up. Ed Asner's voice acting usually leads to good things.


Dave B. said...

Oh man, I thought I was the only person who liked Freakazoid.

Mr. Controversy said...

Oh, I've loved Freakazoid ever since it was on TV. I'm excited that it's on DVD as of yesterday...that and Dark City the Director's Cut.

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