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Friday, August 29, 2008

Convention-al Thinking: Day 4 - America Can Be Better

Note: My coverage of the Convention is limited to whatever text the Internet gives me, and morning news shows like Good Morning America. Wait a second, Holy Shit! I actually got to watch some of the speech last night! AWESOME! Anyhow, I still apologize if my coverage isn't all encompassing or anything like CNN or Fox News. I'm still here to offer analysis and punditry, not the value of Joe Biden's house. Holy shit, I got to watch some of the speech last night.

Get used to this image, because until Monday this is gonna be in your head. This is truly awe inspiring. So awe inspiring, in fact, that even John McCain had to pay him respect. According to MSNBC, McCain ran a one night, two showing only ad that said:

McCain says:

"Senator Obama, this is truly a good day for America. Too often the achievements of our opponents go unnoticed. So I wanted to stop and say, congratulations. How perfect that your nomination would come on this historic day. Tomorrow, we'll be back at it. But tonight Senator, job well done." (In a switch, McCain to Obama: "Well done")

Which historic day? 45 years ago yesterday was the day that Martin Luther King Jr. made his "I Have A Dream" speech, and I'm sure even he didn't dream of John McCain pulling a card from the classy deck and playing it in spades. This'll probably be the only time I get to say this, before his possible concession speech, but Fuck Yeah, McCain! I mean we all give the guy a lot of shit, but frankly I think this is the classiest move he's made in the whole game so far. Well done, Senator McCain, well done.

Anyway, back to the coverage. Last night was too big for one convention center, it was so big in fact that they needed a football field. 84,000 supporters, a fireworks and confetti spectacular at the end, and a 50 minute speech that not only solidified Barack Obama's position as the Democratic nominee, but prompted one of his supporters to say, "There’s no way the Republicans can match this. He’s got to win now." (Tide of emotion as Barack Obama makes history at Democratic convention)

And who better to warm the crowd up than former Vice President/environmentalist/former presidential hopeful/level 60 Dungeon Master, Al Gore. Gore helped push the message that McCain is like Bush Lite:

"If you like the Bush-Cheney approach, John McCain's your man"

He also went on record as stating that Republicans "...are desperately afraid of the change Barack Obama represents.", and that Obama's candidacy "has taught him something that career politicians often overlook — that inconvenient truths must be acknowledged if we are to have wise governance."(Gore says McCain's policies too close to Bush) From what I've read of Gore's speech, it was an ok warm up. Apparently not enough to get clips up on Good Morning America, because even they knew what the story of the morning was.

This link right here (Full text of Obama's speech) is probably what you've been waiting for, so if you like you can just click on that and ignore the rest of my rantings. But, if you're as patient as I am, click the link and then park it back here.

Just let me know when you get back.

You can get a sandwich while you're up.

Ok, this is ridiculous, are you coming back or are you just jerking my chai...oh, there you are. Cool. Let's move on, shall we?

I've found that looking at Biden and Obama's speeches, the big deals are the economy and the war on terror, and these two subjects are woven together by the common thread of the promise of America. These men don't sound like politicians, they sound like men trying to recapture the ideals of America you only find in popular entertainment. The ideals that acknowledge the good in every one, and the hardships families so often face for the betterment of the next generation. In an attack on the notion that he is more of a celebrity than a political figure, Senator Obama talked about his life as a child, and how his mother and grandmother both endured the struggle of being not only African Americans, but women as well.

"In the face of that young student who sleeps just three hours before working the night shift, I think about my mom, who raised my sister and me on her own while she worked and earned her degree; who once turned to food stamps but was still able to send us to the best schools in the country with the help of student loans and scholarships. "

"And when I hear a woman talk about the difficulties of starting her own business, I think about my grandmother, who worked her way up from the secretarial pool to middle-management, despite years of being passed over for promotions because she was a woman. She's the one who taught me about hard work. She's the one who put off buying a new car or a new dress for herself so that I could have a better life. She poured everything she had into me. And although she can no longer travel, I know that she's watching tonight, and that tonight is her night as well. I don't know what kind of lives John McCain thinks that celebrities lead, but this has been mine. These are my heroes. Theirs are the stories that shaped me. And it is on their behalf that I intend to win this election and keep our promise alive as President of the United States. "

Perhaps the best line in his speech though, and I'm surprised the media didn't jump on this as a pull quote, was towards the end of his speech. I had jumped onto my laptop and watched the live feed of the speech towards its end, and Senator Obama said something I think spoke volumes about his campaign: "This election isn't about me...it's about you!" That's a standard the Republicans are going to have to trump, and it's a standard even Hillary Clinton will have to face if she ever runs again. Obama made it clear: he isn't doing this because he wants notoriety or to even say, "Hey, I'm the first Black man to be president". He's not in it for bragging rights...unless you count national pride and faith in your fellow citizens to be the best goddamn people they can be as bragging rights.

I for one am proud to have Barack Obama representing America as a presidential nominee. The Democratic Convention was an overwhelming success, that started slow but built momentum and finally just delivered on all fronts. It was interesting to cover this convention, and I will be giving the Republican Convention coverage as well. I can't say it'll be as happy or rosey as the Democratic Convention, but it'll be equal time. Until Monday though, we have an image of hope and promise to hold onto. (Oh, and I know McCain is announcing his VP today, but honestly it's not as exciting or interesting as Obama selecting Biden. Besides, I still want to punch Neil Cavuto out, and I will do so if I have to hear him talk about the worth of someone's house.)

Son of a bitch! Just as I finish typing this entry, what happens: McCain Chooses Sarah Palin as V.P. Pick

This was almost predicable. He's going for the Hillary/PUMA vote, and the female vote in general. This might work to a certain degree, but I can't help but think if he made the announcement before the convention, it would have had a more "crippling" effect. Still, this seems more like a publicity stunt than anything. Plus, she's pro life and for drilling in ANWR, so good luck with that on your ticket, buddy. Though, might I dare say, she's actually kinda hot...in the sort of "my party's gonna lose, but I have quite the rack" way.

To be continued, Monday night...


Anonymous said...


Incidentally, Boris Johnson is way more awesome than any American politican, past or present.

Mr. Controversy said...

Leave it to the comedians to show us all just truly how reality compares to fiction. Hysterical stuff.

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