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Monday, August 18, 2008

Pairity, Volume 5

Point: A summer blockbuster about actors who'll do ANYTHING for an award getting dropped into real combat.

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Counterpoint: A special interests group that does much needed charitable work, as well as builds the self esteem of those who are disabled; but who also, like many other special interests groups, doesn't know how to choose their battles.

Advantage: Point. Tropic Thunder rolled The Dark Knight into second place this weekend, despite the boycott by the Special Olympics. They believe that an actor playing a mentally disabled actor strictly as Oscar bait (and subsequently being criticized for it by being called a "retard") is "hate speech". If that's true, then this is the biggest film debut for hate speech since Triumph of the Will.

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It won't be long though, I can sense another controversy upon the horizon...

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Kurgan said...

I saw the 'controversy' on ABC this morning.

We need to do some serious sould searching in this country.

Dr. Kurgan prescribes 2 hours of Carlos Mencia, each night for 5 nights.

Mr. Controversy said...

Mencia? Really?

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