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Thursday, August 14, 2008

This song seriously needs to go away...

When I was a kid, Rick Astley had a number one hit with his song "Never Gonna Give You Up". He parlayed that into a hit record, some other singles, and eventual obscurity. Now the thing is, I enjoyed that song when I was a kid. Strange, I know, but my father and I used to listen to it and we enjoyed it.

Flash forward years later, and the RickRoll was invented. The RickRoll is an Internet fad, in which you promise something truly cool and clickable, and instead offer a link to the video of "Never Gonna Give You Up". At first, it was kind of funny. Now, I want it to end. No, seriously, stop the fucking RickRolls! It's gotten to be so bad you don't know where or when you'll hear this fucking song, it's that invasive.

Remember that vote for which song they'd play at Mets Stadium during the Seventh Inning Stretch?

Want to watch The Dark Knight on YouTube? Here's Part 1/15:

Want to see Megan Fox naked in Diablo Cody's next cinematic abortion? Well too bad, because they cut it from the film, which is akin to promising people naked pictures from the set, and giving them this:

On the plus side, thank you Diablo Cody for making me not go see your movie. I was afraid I'd have to so see it to see some naked Megan Fox action, but now that you've cut it I don't have to. As much as I hate this trend, it could work to our advantage. I mean, if the song vote at Mets Stadium is any indication, people will vote for anything dealing with Rick Astley. So, why not apply this to the election in November. That's right, Barack Obama should nominate Rick Astley as Vice President. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the RickRoll to end all RickRolls.

He better act quickly though, John McCain is getting desperate. So desperate, he's promising to only take one term to fuck up the world, instead of the prerequisite two. On that note, I leave you all with the rapture of my childhood.

Thanks a lot, Ashley Tisdale. Your old nose is showing!

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