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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

We Apologize For Any Disruptions in Communication

Before we begin, no I am not too young to remember Lily Tomlin. I did see her in All of Me when I was a kid. (I was a bit of a Steve Martin fan after the Muppet Movie.) Plus, she was Ernestine the Operator on Sesame Street a couple of times, so I know the character. What can I say, I'm an "old soul" mixed with an "iconoclast". In other words, I fucking rock because I know good comedians some of my contemporaries wouldn't even know the names of.
So, that big office move I've been talking up for a while...it's finally happening this week. (Or at least, I've been lead to believe so. Which means I may not have a computer at some point this week (some point meaning possibly tomorrow, since I'll be on vacation Friday.) Just wanted to get that out there in the open, so if I don't end up posting tomorrow it won't be labeled another "Oh, he's fucking bored, so he mustn't have anything to write about today" scenario. (Note: That's my own label. No one here has complained about my absences ever...is that a good thing?)

While we're on the subject of communication, let's explore that a bit more. I mean communication is something that's supposed to help us, isn't it? It's something that's supposed to make our lives easier and more productive. At some point though, as has happened with almost all, if not all useful inventions, it becomes a tool for that one constant that winds up innovating itself to be distributed through any new media...pornography.

The telephone...hiya, phone sex. The television...Skinamax and Spice Network. The Internet...don't even get me started. Even cell phones and iPod can be used for porn nowadays, in fact anything with a video screen, a bare minimum quality of sound, and portability can be turned into the extinction of "girlie mags". Why do you think so many people buy PSP's? It sure as hell isn't for the games. And as it has been throughout time, people will be protesting such things, because they believe it's for the "indecent" elements of our society to want to look at naked pictures of people.

Yet, Robert Maplethorpe managed to make it somewhat classy, and what does the uptight portion of the world do? Condemn him for using an arts endowment to do so. The fact is, this is a bunch of hypocritical bullshit. How many "moral centers" have been caught in their own sexual scandals? The Reverend Jim Bakker, even Strom Thurmond (who was outspokenly against the Maplethorpe exhibit) was once quoted as saying, "The pecker knows no bigotry.", in response to allegations of an interracial affair he was having. Its amazing how so many people want to hide from sex in their lives, and use religion to do so.

However, I'm not saying that flagrantly waving pornography around in public is the way to go. There should be strict safeguards that protect children from abusing it, as well as being abused by it. Some of you out there may remember the biggest bombshell in the business, Traci Lord's admission that she was underage and "taken advantage of" in exchange for drugs. Now, we don't know exactly how much of that is true, seeing as the 1980's are mostly one big fog to those who barely survived them, but there has always been an element of our society that prays on the weak, so the possibility isn't entirely ruled out.

That said, pornography, when appropriately regulated, is not a blight on society. Look at modern advertising and publication, it's a fine line between Playboy and Maxim. The lines are blurring more and more, and censorship will always be an issue, no matter where you are in the world. However, there's a difference between censorship and moralizing in an unelected position of power what you think people should be able to watch. Bottom line: We've all looked at porn at one point or another. It's nothing to be ashamed of, but at the same time it's everything to be concerned about. Just don't let your genuine concern get in the way of other people's freedom.
One last thing, I know there's a feminist argument against pornography, saying that it objectifies women and that it treats them as mere sex objects. I was unfortunate to miss it, but back when I was in college there was a debate between Ron Jeremy and a feminist about the very subject of whether pornography was bad for society, and I would assume that the case against had these key concerns. I would have to disagree. Pornography isn't always objectifying women, in fact to a certain degree it can empower them. If the Traci Lords scenario were true, that would be a case of objectifying and coercing someone into lewd acts for the purposes of entertainment, but what about those who choose to enter one of the biggest entertainment industries in the world? What about the women who make tons of money selling merchandise, autographs, and starring in films that actively choose to participate in such things? They aren't just slaves to fate, they're doing a job and they want to get paid, just like everyone else. Besides, you mean to tell me that Playboy is demeaning, but Playgirl is just a man fulfilling his natural functions in life? Sounds a little sexist to me, but then again I'm a guy...what would I know about that? My knuckles drag on the ground. ::sarcasm::

It all comes down to choice, ladies and gentlemen. You have a choice, they have a choice, I have a choice, we have a choice. You don't like it? Don't watch it. But don't try to stop me from watching it if I like it. That goes for every media, everything in the world. There's a difference between standing out against something if it's immoral or generally ignores human rights, and something that's voluntary and even beneficial to others. As long as everyone is of age, under contract, and being taken care of, just have fun.

Shit, this really was a long and convoluted way for me to say, "I might not be able to post for a couple days, by the way I like porn." Sorry about the tangent, here's something to make up for it, kids.

Not satisfied? How about this?

Ok, one more, because I'm feeling nice today.

And for those of you who are still having trouble figuring out who Lily Tomlin is, you recognize her from this...

Editor's Note: I know you would have expected racier photos for such a hot button issue, and especially knowing my stance on it. However, I'm writing this at work, and who knows who reads this at work. Sorry folks, but if you're not at work then...have at the Internets, for they will always be kind to you.


Seresecros said...

Porn improves women. There, I said it.

Mr. Controversy said...

How so, dear man?

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