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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Who Watches The Watchmen? (And for how long?)

Note: I pulled the image from a message board. Someone had created a desktop of all the Comic Con posters for Watchmen, and I saved it for my own usage. I didn't create this, nor do I claim exclusivity on this piece.

Warner Brothers, stupidheads extraordinaire, are supposedly trying to screw up another film of theirs. Zach Snyder is being asked to keep his movie Watchmen under the three hour mark. If you've read the book, or at least have an inkling of the story, you'd know that anything under 3 hours would probably ruin the film. Keep in mind, The Tales of the Black Freighter is already going to be its own movie on DVD, so that's not part of the cuts that will be suggested. Sign this petition, and help Watchmen not become another casualty of Alan F. Horn's smallminded thinking.

P.S. Fox, if you were so keen on getting a piece of the rights to Watchmen, why didn't you raise a fuss when the film was starting production, instead of waiting for the trailer to become crazily popular? If you fuck this up, you won't be forgiven by the moviegoers. DROP THE SUIT!

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