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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Another Angle

First and foremost, this is dedicated to the late Randy Pausch. I just finished reading “The Last Lecture”, and it was a truly inspiring book that has come along at the right time. It’s just a shame he couldn’t be around to see more of its effect on people. My sincerest sympathies, no matter how late they may be, go out to his family, and may his legacy live on.

For some reason I felt like reading one of my past columns this morning. (Growing Up) As you all know, I’ve applied to the Huffington Post for a job as an Assistant News Editor, and so far I’ve heard nothing from them. This is understandable, since everyone and their mother have probably applied for this position, and getting through the resumes is going to be quite a chore. Nevertheless, I keep hoping I’ll hear from them one day. It’s crossed my mind, however, that an unconventional approach might actually help me stand out. I have a regular resume out there on the usual job search sites, but it just doesn’t draw in as much attention as I’d hope.

This approach isn’t new, in fact its been reported that people have done it in the past. So, I’m going to create an unconventional resumes to send out to jobs I dream of holding. I’m appreciative of holding down a real job, don’t get me wrong, but let’s face it…we can all do better if we push ourselves. We can dream, and get to that dream, or at the very least have fun approaching that dream. Others have gotten farther on less effort, so why not me? Why not you? I want you all to join me in going out there and making a name for yourself. It may not result in anything, it may result in something slightly less or more than you envisioned, but either way it can’t hurt to try.

1 comment:

Kurgan said...

Your efforts are inspiring.

When we settle, we will accept your fate, dying a slow, painful, regret-filled, death.

Fight on!

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