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Friday, September 12, 2008

Charles Gibson: Professional Ass Kicker

Dear Charles Gibson,

I am INCREDIBLY sorry I ever doubted you. You truly kicked ass and took names last night. You deserve to be praised, and frankly I'm proud you were the first one to interview Governor Palin. You sir, are a professional asskicker.

With all due deference,

Mr. Controversy

The pounding continues tonight, on ABC.


Chirs L. said...

Charlie Gibson: Judge, Jury, and Executioner in the Maximum Security Federal "Pound Me in the Ass" Interview. I wonder if manic conservative crows will add "ABC!" to their chants of "NBC!" and other networks that aren't kind to their propped up idiots. I can't wait for Biden to have his turn.

Mr. Controversy said...

Yeah, the VP debates are going to be so entertaining the popcorn should be included.

Anonymous said...

Gibson is an idiot pretending to be an intelectual, with a little turd under his nose.

--John M., American

Mr. Controversy said...

John M., I would have to disagree with you. True, I had my doubts about him, as I do any morning show host who jumps to other programming (I still don't trust Tom Bergeron to this very day.), but Gibson seemed pretty straight on with his interview with Palin.

I thought he asked the questions she needed to answer, and basically did the job the McCain campaign was supposed to do...he vetted Sarah Palin in front of the American public.

However, I do respect your viewpoint, and I won't say the man is a Murrow just yet. Thanks for reading and commenting, it's about time I had a voice of dissent. (Not that I don't enjoy you likeminded regulars out there.)

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