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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Geek Cred Primer: Chapter 1 - An Introduction

The following article contains a picture of McLovin has been stolen from eBaum’s World, which probably stole it from somewhere else and passed it off as its own. Readers rejoice.

Yeah, I wanted to write this piece last week, but well between naming a running mate, writing a letter for Sarah Palin to grant me an interview (which I now don't have to send out), and explaining why I became a Democrat, I've been too busy to write about "pointless bullshit", or "entertainment matters". Well, I'm sick of writing about Sarah Palin, she's already made a fool out of herself on television and whoever's still drinking the Kool Aid will probably stay that way until some big scandal erupts. (Still waiting for a naked picture scandal, I mean how freakin hard is it for one of those to happen? She was a beauty queen for Godsake, these things are like candy to them. The most lascivious picture we've seen is of her in the 80's wearing a T-Shirt that says, "I might be broke, but I'm not flat busted.")

Shit. I promised myself I wouldn't go on another Palin rant. Anyhow, I'm not here to talk about her. I'm here to talk about something that I thought of not too long ago, something that's not often spoken about. You're all probably familiar with the term "Street Cred", which is derived from the term "Street Smarts" I would assume, the only other option being "Street Credibility" and honestly how credible is a patch of blacktop with some paint on it? "Cred", "credibility", "smarts", "know how"...despite the fact that Sarah Palin has none of these, they're signs of intelligent thought, and the word that proceeds them defines what smarts these types of people have. Well, I'd like to reintroduce a different type of cred, something I'm well versed in. I, my dear friends, have "Geek Cred". It's a real thing...Urban Dictionary defines it as:

"Similar to street cred, but applicable to geeks. Geek cred is allocated by displaying knowledge of different aspects of geek culture such as Star Wars, anime, comic books, etc."

In fact, I wouldn't doubt it for a second that some of you out there have "Geek Cred". A couple questions to ask yourself, as part of the "Geek Cred" self test:

- Do you know what "Starfleet" is?

- Have you ever wielded a lightsaber?

- Do you know about political history, or any history for that matter, than your friends?

- Have you ever collected a line of toys/cards/etc. and know the different variants?

- Can you name four of the six James Bonds?

- Do you have more than one version of Monopoly?

- Do you find Tina Fey attractive and/or funny? (I mean seriously attractive and/or funny.)

- Can you quote a movie/show incessantly?

- Can you name at least five movies you're "excited to see"?

- Do you have a special skill that involves stuff most people wouldn't be bothered to learn and/or is considered a dying art?

- TARDIS? Torchwood? The Master? Ringing any bells?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are indeed a Geek. It just depends on what type. Those questions contain indicators of Toy Geekdom, Movie Geekdom, Comedy Geekdom, SciFi Geekdom, and possibly Computer Geekdom. Right about now, you're probably saying to yourself, "No...I can't be a geek. People like me, I have friends, I lost my virginity before 40 for godsake. I just...I just can't. No. I Refuse." Well, this is they type of denial people would go through because being a geek contains horrific connotations. Allow me to demonstrate.

Your "typical" geek is seen as someone with little to no social interaction outside of the world of electronics messaging and the World Wide Web. They are the people who you see frequenting conventions and flaming on message boards as if their life depended on it. They are the people who posses the knowledge of a certain subject and will argue you down to your core if you dare think you know more than they do. To be certain, those aren't geeks...those are straight up nerds. Not the fun movie type either...these nerds are the ones that take solace in their social isolation by proclaiming themselves masters of their dominions. They'll whip the shit out of you in World of Warcraft, slam down like a gunslinger in Role Playing Games, and make dance simulators look like walking. They believe in the Holy Trinity, D&D, DDR, and ST:TOS. They are also completely arrogant.

To be fair though, that's an unfair stereotype. Nerds are not as present as you think they are, and some have mislabeled themselves as Nerds. Simple question: do you get along with people? If you said yes, you're not a nerd. A stereotypical nerd would never exist outside of Hollywood or their mother's basement, because that is the true dwelling of a Nerd. I'm not trying to make fun of people, I'm just trying to get rid of the stupid "Nerd" label. There's plenty of people out there who think they are "nerds" when in fact they are "geeks". Geeks are very similar to nerds, but the big difference being they are a little more confident than Nerds in actual social interactions. That isn't to say they aren't socially awkward, in fact they too have their social woes, which manifest themselves in shyness. But there's a certain sweet acceptance with geeks that you don't have with nerds. If you're saying, "But Mike, I'm a Nerd and I get along with people", then you are wrong. You are a geek. Nerd is the Anti Social Geek. I'm not trying to offend anyone, I'm just redefining social stereotypes. The best part about Geek Cred...you don't even have to be a Geek to get it. You can perform geek friendly services, or do justice to geeky material to get it. To show some examples, here's a list of famous people who have "Geek Cred"

- Frank Langella (Skeletor AND Perry White. Great Caesar's Ghost!)

- Vin Diesel, and Dame Judi Dench by Mr. Diesel's teachings in the art of D&D.

- David Tennant

- William Shatner

- Mary McDonnell, Edward James Olmos, and anyone from the cast of Battlestar Galactica

- Scott Bakula and Dean Stockwell (Captain Archer and Brother Cavil, respectively)

- Tina Fey (Hot)

- J.J. Abrams (the new Star Trek looks kick assed, and Alias was pretty awesome and geek accessible.)

- Morgan Webb (Hot, and a gamer)

- Kevin Smith, and Co.

The list goes on. However, Geek Cred can be taken as easily as it is earned. Here's some people in danger of losing their Geek Cred, or have already lost it due to "irreparable damages to their careers":- Harrison Ford (Nuked The Fridge, Almost Lost Geek Cred)

- George Lucas (Star Wars: The Clone Wars?! Geek Cred revoked)

- Will Smith (Scientology, and a so-so remake of I Am Legend. Geek Cred endangered)

- Tom Cruise (You were Ethan Hunt...Not you're a Steaming...you know what comes next. Geek Cred revoked.)
- Harry Knowles (You sold out to Rollerball, you hired Mr. Beaks, and you've become the Perez Hilton of the Movie News World! Epic fail, Geek Cred revoked.)

The list goes on. So now the question remains: Who do you think has/doesn't have Geek Cred? Also, how much Geek Cred do you have? Feel free to post your answers in the comments.

If you're sticking around for one last Palin joke, I give you this...http://palinsarmy.ytmnd.com/

For the source of everything Geeky out there, visit (naturally) http://www.geekcred.net/


Anonymous said...

Being strongly in love with Tina Fey doesn't make you a geek: it simply makes you a heterosexual man. I answered yes to almost all your points, which unnerves me.

This post needed MOAR Felicia Day.

Mr. Controversy said...

It's geeky if you love the fact that you can comfortably talk Star Wars around her.

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