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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Henry Rollins 'Ember of Rage'

Taking a page from my friend Dave B.'s book, I'd like to provide some wisdom from the great Henry Rollins. I dare anyone not to be moved, enraged, and energized by this. Particularly the bit about "substantive change". (I wonder who he's voting for this cycle?)


Dave B. said...

See, the Emperor had it right. Hate does make you powerful.

*grins sadistically*

Mr. Controversy said...

Agreed. It's just what you do with that power that makes you who you are. Good to hear from you again, man!

Dave B. said...

The Force Unleashed is keeping my super busy, boss. I can't help my geekdom.

Nor would I.

Mr. Controversy said...

You shouldn't help it...you should nurture it. How is Force Unleashed?

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