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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A Lesson To be Learned, vol.2

Hello kids, Professor X here again to teach you all an important and valuable lesson in irony, writ large.
This is Juneau, Alaska. As of 2005, it had 30,987 inhabitants. (None of which are vampires.) It is also the capital of the very state that Sarah Palin is Governor.

This is Sarah Palin and her family. Her 17 year old daughter, Bristol, is pregnant. Not only is this ironic because the Republican's "Abstinance Only" policies lead to such sexual follies, but also...

...it smacks of something from the movie, Juno, in which a teenager gets pregnant and decides to give the child away instead of having an abortion. It's Anti "Abstinence Only" and Pro Life at the same time! Just like Sarah Palin! (Plus, the title of the film is phonetically pronounced exactly as the Capital City in Alaska. Further irony for you all to chew on.)

In short:



This has NOT been paid for by Obama/Biden '08, but it would totally freakin' awesome if they did. This point has however come from Professor Charles Xavier, through the mind of Mr. Controversy. Should anyone disagree, that's up to them. Just prepare for some old fashioned mind raping. (You should be used to it if you're a Republican.)


Kurgan said...

Oh.. The irony is certainly there.

But it may not exactly end like you predict. Never underestimate the power of the masses to be manipulated. Karl Rove is lurking in the shadows and there are 60 days to go with no bump opportunities in sight (no pun intended).

I don't support her, nor McCain, nor Obama for that matter, but man this is some juicy politics!.

Mr. Controversy said...

Yeah, it is. It's as juicy as a soap opera crossed with a political drama. I just hope the ending doesn't suck. (Still holding out on the naked picture scandal here, Palin. Don't hold out on me!)

Anonymous said...

Oh Xavier, don't delude yourself any further. We all know that as of X-Men 11 you are no longer a professor, and now roam America as a semi-amnesiac victim who has been shunned by the X-Men for your various dubious uses of your power. Accept yourself, Xavier!

Having said that, X-Men Legacy (which you currently star in) is freakin' awesome. So thank you.

Mr. Controversy said...

Mr. Seresecros,

Thank you for agreeing that X-Men Legacy is indeed awesome. However, you did sass me about the "professor" bit, so you only get half a mind raping.

You know what to do,
Prof. X

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