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Monday, September 8, 2008

An Open Letter to Sarah Palin from a Recovering Republican

Hey everyone! Hope your weekend was good, and those of you in storm affected areas this weekend, I hope Hanna didn't wreck things too bad. So, I decided to write this letter to Sarah Palin, and I'm going to mail it out to her sometime soon, hopefully. I'm requesting an audience with her. I believe she should gain more press experience, and I believe here at Mr. Controversy she could get that experience. After all, I'm a nobody when it comes to journalism, so why should she not feel safe with me? Fear not, I should be coming back later with a post that'll return us to Pop Culture discourse. Until then, you'll just have to deal with me trying to get some answers from our newest VP Candidate.

Dear Ms. Palin,

My name is Michael Reyes, though some know me better as Mr. Controversy. I am a blogger, and as such I know I am not a legitimate news source/kingmaker. But then again, neither was Adam Brickley, the man who supposedly helped propel you to stardom through his blog "Draft Sarah Palin for Vice President", and look where he's gotten himself. (In case you weren't watching, he was on The Colbert Report, got to go to the convention, and even said you knocked your speech out of the park as a "Home Run". I, on the other hand, am not so impressed. I think your speech said nothing, I don't even think you really addressed the issues. I just think you slapped on some lipstick and barked away at the Democratic Party like the pit bull you are. I mean no disrespect, in fact I've only made a clever play on words from the pit bull with lipstick remark that you made in your speech on Thursday night.

I am not writing to mock you, I am not writing to "tear you a new one", I am writing you, in fact, to get some answers. Answers you seem shy on giving the mainstream media. So shy, in fact, that you cancelled your press appearances for Sunday. Why so bashful, Governor Palin? You've been thrust into the national spotlight, and as such you're going to have to answer to the mainstream press eventually. And I'm not talking about softball puff pieces, like the one in People Magazine, or the one you tried to get on Oprah. That is, before she shut you down like a Junior Prom gropefest. I'm writing you because I would like to interview you.

A little bit about myself, I'm a recovering Republican; meaning I used to be a supporter of the Republican Party myself but I've converted to the Democrats. Why? Because I was tired of the social stigma of being a backer of George W. Bush. I voted for him in the 2004 election, and caught Hell for it from friends all over. What I got tired of wasn't the fact that my friends disapproved of my vote, as far as I was concerned they could go to Hell if I knew I was right. But therein lied the problem...I had no basis to back the President on ANYTHING. He loved his religion, and ruled accordingly...I'm not an overtly religious person. He believed it was right to send the citizens in the United States Armed Forces to go fight his own personal war, a mantle he took up from his more respectable father...I agree with the notion it was wrong. He helped tank the economy...I'm paying $50 for a tank of gas, and worry about the polar ice caps melting like the rest of the world. I had no leg to stand on with my support for George W. Bush, he gave me no reason to have faith in him, and seeing as faith was a big thing with him, I gave up on the Republican Party.

Now we're at the crossroads of another election, and you and Senator McCain are up to bat for the Republicans. You were thrust into "greatness" with no prior notification, and as such were not properly vetted. On top of that, you've named your family "off limits", and have stonewalled legitimate press sources, but are trying to solicit softball interviews from venues of less journalistic importance. So, if you're going to try and evade the mainstream media, then why not talk to me? I honestly am not a member of the mainstream media; in fact this isn't even my day job. (Though I wish it was.) I'm a citizen of the United States of America, the constituency YOU want to represent in the second highest executive office. If you should be answering to anyone, it should be to me. Speak to ME! Through policy, through rhetoric, through your take on the issues. Not just snapshots of your family or having your friends "The Elite Six" back you up on Good Morning America. Talk to me! I'll be more than glad to perform an email interview, or if you ever stop by Jersey, I'd be happy to even sit down with you and interview you one on one. Make me, and the rest of the United States believe that the Republican Party should be taken seriously, and not look upon you as nothing more than a dog and pony show.

I know I've ridiculed you in the past, but I am willing to give you a fair shake. I am open to the possibility that you just might be a pleasant person who indeed is fit for this office. Yes, I have preconceived notions, but so does the rest of America. It's your job to dispel them through your own words. If granted the opportunity to interview you, I promise to be objective, honest, and as your official party news source likes to put it, "fair and balanced". I'm not trying to invite a fight; I'm trying to help the American public get to know you better, before the Oct. 2nd Vice Presidential debate. You need practice with the news media. How better to practice than to be interviewed by someone outside the media machine? If a blogger can make you a VP candidate, can't a blogger help you gain massive media credibility?

My best to your family,

Michael Reyes, aka Mr. Controversy


Dave B. said...


If she says yes, ask her if I can give her a facial.

*evil grin*

Mr. Controversy said...

And if she says yes, you're paying for the coconut scrub.

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