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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Pairity: Vol. 6 (Labor Day Weekend Double Header Edition)


Point: An inexperienced state governor under investigation for misuse of power, on top of being a former beauty queen and having a teenage daughter that's pregnant (which is no problem, except that it'd clash with the party's "abstinence only" education policies).

Counterpoint: An experienced Senator who has gone though triumphs and tribulations of his own, as well as provided some choice soundbites for the opposition in his time.

Advantage: Counterpoint, The Honorable Senator Joe Biden. While he's said some colorful things over the years, at least he has some experience in government. Nothing's wrong with a woman in Government, it's just that Sarah Palin is nothing more than a Hail Mary for McCain to try and grab the PUMA vote. Sorry, John, but it looks like you've been shot down again.


Point: The number one movie for the previous two weekends, that combines action adventure with satirical comedy.

Counterpoint: A long "awaited" movie that spoofs all the summer movies that weren't even finished filming when this was written, and generally lowers the bar for comedy lower than any Carrot Top opera would.

Advantage: Point, with the number one movie for three weekends in a row (and a cameo that's supposedly funny enough to wipe the crazy from Tom Cruise's face). Tropic Thunder is indeed the Dark Knight of comedy. Still need to see this movie. Maybe this weekend... I leave you with a Dark Knight clip, because I honestly can't find that many Tropic Thunder Clips and honestly...the film just hit $500 mil. in the U.S. Go see it again! It's so close to Titanic's record, we might as well just finish it off.

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