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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Song and Dance, Verse 2

Seresecros, member of the Archive of Awesome and author of the blog Wilftonville, wrote a blog entitled "I Will Be Friends With You, Big Oil ". On top of being another humorous act of absurdity from Mr. Seresecros, this quote inspired me:

"...You got a friend in me! I will ask Randy Newman to sing a song for us, and then we can talk about the future. I think you might have a Big one. "

Well, that got the gears going, and since "You've Got A Friend In Me" is copyrighted, I'm afraid that wouldn't work out Mr. Seresecros. However, you'll all be pleased to know that Randy Newman has written a song specifically on this subject, in hopes he can sell it on iTunes on Election Day. I figured I'd post the lyrics here, with his express permission. You read/heard it here first!

(Note: As with any Randy Newman song, the right people will find this a hysterical satire, and the wrong people will read into it completely incorrectly.)

Big Oil by Randy Newman

(Song Notes: This tune is supposed to have a Dixieland kind of feel to it, as well as traditional Randy Newman piano.)

"Big oil, big big oil.
Oh big big oil, I'm such a fool for you.
Risin' from the ground, like a black freight train.
Fallin' from Heaven, like a Texas rain.
Big oil, oh big big oil.
Showerin' our economy now.

Those politicians, they'll drub and dis ya',
but what in the Hell do they know?
Those big celebs, with Mercedes Benzs,
they'll change their minds whenever winds blow.
And lobbyists will cry, when they cast their evil eye
at the sight of you and me, holdin' hands.
Let 'em talk, let 'em scowl, let 'em bitch n' howl,
because only you and me understand.

Big oil, big big oil.
Oh big big oil, I'm so big on you.
Just give me a hug, we'll make it through.
The Liberals all fear ya, but I still love you.
Big Oil, oh big big oil.
The best friend I've ever haaaaad

(Further Note: This is a 100% original work to the knowledge of the author, this isn't a Randy Newman song. At least, not yet it isn't.)


Anonymous said...

I'm going to find an Oil Company and lovingly croon this towards them in a Bing Crosby manner.

I love this blog entry so much that I no longer care that it's an illegal act to fall in love with a blog entry.

Mr. Controversy said...

They have laws for that type of thing? No wonder the economy is in the tubes.

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