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Monday, September 8, 2008

Song and Dance

Yes, this is another political post, but trust me it's pure satire. Has anyone thought about what the Republicans would do if Sarah Palin was proven unfit for service? What if she dropped out of the race, after pressures from the media have mounted? Well, they'd probably search for a candidate to supplant the Alaskan governor, which would lead the Republicans to try and entice someone to do their bidding the only way they know how...with a song and dance. Here's what the song would be like, for the man they'd probably pick.
"Mitt Romney"

(to the tune of "Bill Bailey", go here (http://ballspiral1.ytmnd.com/) for the music you should be singing this to.)

Won't you come home Mitt Romney, oh won't you come?
Oh won't you please come home?
Oh we'll rewrite the ballots, we'll even change the signs.
We know we've done you wrong.

This Palin chick we've got now, she's not workin' out.
We'll forgive 'ya that you're crazy, we'll forgive ya that your Mormon
we'll forgive ya, just come on back.
You know, you just might be the guy,
and we vetted 'ya (that's no lie)
Mitt Romney won't you please come home!

We know ya' lost to John McCain, but we're willin' to bring ya back!
As long as you don't do something cra-a-zy.
Like taking thirteen wives, or running around juggling knives
or naming your sons Trig.

No seriously, we need you on your best behavior.
And please no stories about beating Ann!
Fun's fun, and fair's fair.
Now get your loser ass, back over here!
Mitt Romney won't you save our rear!

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