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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Tail is Catching Up With The Head of the Snake!

From the "Stranger Than Fiction" department over at IMDB's "Trusted" news source WENN, a story that furthers the Palin/Spears connection.

For the uninitiated, here are the posts from Deus Ex Malcontent, that started these connections:

Palin Comparison (8/29/08)
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And now...the news:

Spears Sends Support Gift To Politician's Pregnant Daughter

3 September 2008 7:02 AM, PDT

Teenage mum Jamie Lynn Spears has sent troubled Alaskan 17-year-old Bristol Palin a baby gift package following the scandal surrounding her pregnancy.

Spears, who revealed she was pregnant last Christmas - when she was just 16 - feels a kinship to Palin, the daughter of U.S. Republican vice-presidential hopeful Sarah Palin, and decided to show her support by sending designer baby burpcloths.

The Palin family confirmed reports their eldest daughter Sarah was pregnant shortly after the Alaskan governor was picked as Senator John McCain's running mate in the upcoming presidential election.

U.S. TV show Access Hollywood has revealed Jamie Lynn's mother Lynne Spears called Los Angeles baby boutique Petit Tresor on her daughter's behalf to order a small gift.

A store insider explains Lynne and Jamie Lynn wanted to send a gift worth under $100 (GBP54) to Bristol, and chose a collection of Plain Mary white burp cloths with pink writing.

The note attached to the gift read, "Dear Bristol, Hang in there. xoxo, Jamie Lynn."

Knock 'em dead tonight, Sarah! Show 'em how you're all for "small town values". And when I s ay "small town values", I mean teenagers banging redneck hockey players without condoms, believing that the War on Terror is God's work, and that you can fire anyone as long as they're a douchebag. Which reminds me, you're stil in office how?

Frankly, the Palin/Spears connection scares me. Does this mean we're getting the political equivilant of Lynne Spears in the Oval Office, should the mass deceptions of the McCain camp work? If that's the case, the country of the U.S. is going to be managed by a woman that basically mined her children for all the money/talent she could. Actually, that sounds like Gov. Palin's approval of drilling in ANWR, only

And as for Jamie Lynn Spears...well, her and Bristol could become BFF's...except for the fact that as of this moment, Bristol supposedly agreed with her boyfriend that getting married BEFORE the baby was born was a good idea. That, and just by a one look "personal bias" test, one could clearly see that Bristol Palin looks like more of a class act than Jamie Spears. I'm going to end this with some advice for Gov. Palin's speech tonight. Something she might want to use in her speech tonight. She's gonna have to change it around a little, but trust me, it's effective and it's the truth.

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