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Thursday, September 25, 2008

“Well what DO you like?”

I am a complainer, as you might have picked up on. I always have been, if you ask my family. You might also know that I’m usually not afraid to let people know my opinion, and will defend it vehemently in the Court of Public Opinion. Third, and last, you know that I complain about Politics and Entertainment so much, and as such my tastes in things can be seen as picky. All of this leads to the ultimate question asked of a person who complains and complains and never lets up…”Well, what DO you like?”

This question, throughout history, has been met with everything from itemized lists, to blank stares and stammers. A complainer is so used to slamming things that sometimes it’s hard to talk about what they like, and this in turn generates the silence the person who posed the question sought. Well, what DO I like? Well, to start with, “appropriate silence”. What do I mean by that? Well sometimes a moment just dictates that it be enjoyed silently. A movie, a book, or just general relaxations…all are things that can be benefitted by “appropriate silence”.

Let’s see, what else…I enjoy reading. Not “e-books” mind you, an actual Hardcover or Paperback book. I like the feeling of holding a book in my hands, and thumbing through the pages. I like letting people know what I’m reading, I like talking about what I’m reading, I like recommending what I’m reading. I enjoy Sci Fi books, I enjoy Political books, I enjoy light reading and deep reading. I’m currently reading Joe Biden’s biography, “Promises to Keep”, which is easy to get absorbed into because I’m generally fascinated with this man’s life so far. I like reading everything from a Crichton novel, to Harry Potter books, and even the series of 24 Declassified books. James Patterson, Stephen King, Tom Clancy, and Robert Ludlum all occupy my bookshelf, closet, headboard, any space I can find for books. I’m a reader…blame my family.

You can also blame my parents for my being addicted to films. In fact, I’ve been a movie buff since I was a kid. I love movies provided they can entertain me and not insult my intelligence while doing so. Also, it’s fun to go into a movie and tell that the movie was obviously fun to make for the cast and crew. (This is one of the reasons the Oceans Trilogy stands in my mind as a fun experience.) I’m a Bond connoisseur, a lapsed Star Wars geek, and a big fan of Spielberg, Sellers, and the Zucker Brothers, to name a few. Also, I consider Mel Brooks, the Three Stooges, and the Marx Brothers all to be members of the Comedic Parthenon.

I know someone’s going to ask about music, and yes I am a fan of music. I’ve listened to everything from Beethoven to Britney Spears. I most enjoy live music though, and when I say “live music” I mean big bands and orchestras. I admire the musical stylings of The Rat Pack, John Williams, and Michael Giacchino; as well as plenty of other music. Basically, I'll listen to almost anything with an open ear and if I don't like it, I'll let you know.

I'm not sure this really has accomplished anything, but sometimes I like reading my own writing. I hope you all enjoy this, because I like having an audience, and if enough people read this they'll spread it to others, and others will spread it to others, and I like having a BIG audience. I'm not sure where to go with this, but sometimes I like to keep things open ended and just end it all where it began.

So...what do YOU like?


Dave B. said...

I get it, boss.

You like what you like, and if someone else doesn't like what you like, well, fuck 'em. They don't have to like it, because you do.

Incidentally, if you're a fan of the fantasy genre, I highly recommend The Dragoncrown War trilogy by Michael A. Stackpole, and it's prequel, The Dark Glory War.

Awesome series.

And if ya don't like 'em, well, fuck ya, because I do. *grins*

Mr. Controversy said...

Amen, brother. Everyone is allowed to like what they like, and hate what they hate...doesn't mean we all can't get along.

Anonymous said...

I like Felicia Day, but I don't think she has formed an opinion of me yet, because she doesn't know who I am.

Mr. Controversy said...

One day she will...hopefully the police don't catch onto the restraining order. =P

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