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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

28 Days Later (from now), or "That One"

Wow...just...how in the world does John McCain expect to escape THAT?! "That one"? He referred to a fellow senator, a man of good standing, and a rival for the Presidency as "That one"? Did I watch the wrong debate last night? I thought I was watching a Presidential Debate, not "Old White Guy vs. 'That One' ". The Presidential Debate last night didn't do much, except for raise Tom Brokaw's blood pressure when both candidates broke from the agreed set of rules for the evening. And yet, John McCain was the one that seemed to be getting upset over the tossing of the rules. Isn't that what a "maverick" does? Don't they throw caution to the wind and discard the rules, ignoring the moderator's questions and speak directly to the American public?

But, Obama's "maverick" tactic was to break from format, but still provide some answer to the question. Yes, I know I'm an Obama supporter, and I know I've done all but tattooed the man's name on my knuckles like a demented preacher, but last night taught me exactly why people watch the highlights...it's pointless. Yep. The debates are pointless. It's all scripted, all prepared, and all filtered. That, however, isn't the problem, because debating itself isn't pointless. No, "these" debates are pointless, meaning the way the political climate has changed these days it's not safe anymore to attack anyone while looking at them. Off camera, out of the room, both candidates have had plenty of smack talk. On camera, it's just barely civil discourse, and on top of it all everyone will be judging the debate by the sound bites generated by the evening's discussion. Plus, the "Town Hall" format is unwieldly. It just doesn't seem all that interesting. Yes, the candidates get to answer questions of the people; and yes, it seems more open and less formal; but it's only two steps removed from an episode of Oprah. In short, I really can't wait for this to be over. As I was telling a friend earlier, I'm just waiting for McCain to call Obama, "Boy", in the next debate.

I hope Tom Brokaw is recovering from whatever may have caused him to get upset last night, and I hope John McCain is recovering from whatever may have caused him to not shake Obama's hand last night. If he could do it once, he could do it again. Unless...nah, it couldn't have been a hollow gesture the first time...could it?


Kurgan said...

I saw the "no hand shake deal".

He meant that. Dude is a mean old man, I am telling you.

However, in the current intoxobama stage that the majority of Americans are in, they failed to notice tha the man said he would invade Pakistan!

Dude, you CANNOT say that kinda shit.

Of course we would go into Pakistan, and are already, but you cannot say it. The people will riot and the people we paid off to stay quiet about it will have to do something.

Mr. Controversy said...

Yeah. When it's implied, you can fault people for not reading into it properly. When you state your intentions, not so much.

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