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Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Battle Continues

More fuel for the fire, my friends. The first article is from Time Magazine, "Why Barack Obama is Winning"; the second is from the St. Petersburg Times out of Florida. I find that article, "Five Reasons Not to Write Off John McCain's Candidacy", to be particularly important. It counts off crucial strategies for the Republicans, and it reminds us to "Remember New Hampshire", when Hilary Clinton won the state's primary after a promising start for the Obama camp in Iowa.

The article also makes the same point I tried to make in an earlier post: there is such a thing as "too excited" and "overconfident", and people have to put up or shut up when it comes to their vote. Let these serve as reminders of not only the victory we have at our fingertips, but the means we must go to in order to secure them.
To close, I humbly submit to you all this video I was sent a link to by my college buddy Mark. The premise is simple: "What if Hollywood directors provided John McCain with spots for his campaign?" The results: Cinematic magic, particularly the final one that pokes fun at Wes Anderson's oeuvre of filmmaking.

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