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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Reyes/Donaghy Week 5

I'm afraid I have some bad news...The Reyes/Donaghy campaign is over. Jack told me to pass this along to you all. For the record, I returned the Aston Martin, the flamethrower was a gift, and that "hooker" was Anne Hathaway!

Sad news my friends…
The Reyes/Donaghy campaign has dissolved. Apparently, we’ve been called out on a couple issues. Everything from campaign finance to appointing a Goat as a Supreme Court Justice, to even trying to make a weekly reality show of business at the Oval Office, it was all “questioned” by the “mavericks”.

I apologize to anyone who bought the Reyes/Donaghy Kitchen Appliance set, those grills weren’t supposed to malfunction like they did. Our prayers go out to that small town out in Iowa, which was the first (and last) stop on our campaign trail. On top of all that, I wanted to get back to work at NBC. There’s something big happening on October 30th that I wanted to personally oversee, and well…it was either the campaign or NBC. I’ll never forget issuing my final statement to Mr. Reyes, and all of our campaign staffers, …”Nothing tops the Peacock”.

Perhaps if the world were in a different mindset, we’d be seen as visionaries and leaders. Instead, we’ve been labeled as “dreamers” and as such we’ve been seen as a political liability to anyone who would have voted for us. (The polls showed thirteen votes…Mrs. Henley’s Third Grade Class in Home Court, Iowa, Mrs. Henley, and Sparky the Class Pet Goat. Apparently, he was a VERY important goat.) Maybe someday the Reyes/Donaghy flags will fly over 30 Rock again, and maybe we’ll be able to actually get invited to participate in a debate instead of standing in front of our own podium at Reyes/Donaghy headquarters and debating the candidates on Television in front of us. (Which, strangely, was what Ralph Nader was also doing in his headquarters next door.) This isn’t a surrender, merely a promise for future victory at an undisclosed time. Until then, may good fortune visit you all, and may the Peacock fly every so high above us all.

Forever indebted,

Jack Donaghy

P.S. Reyes, you owe me $15 million dollars for those "campaign finances" you put on my NBC expense account. Gas for a trip to Washington DC shouldn't be that high! I've also been asked that you return the hooker, the Aston Martin V12, and the flamethrower.

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