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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

VOTE!, or "The Mr. Controversy 1600% Official Political Endorsement"

It's funny how most elementary and middle schools turn out to be polling stations. We are taught everything we need to know in these places, their walls filled with the knowledge and rules that'll carry us through our lives. And once every four years we return, almost as if to show our alma mater what knowledge and values we've taken with us through our journeys in life. This morning, I returned to my own elementary school of Ramtown, and I cast my vote for my candidate. It is with unwavering certainty, and the full weight of the public record, that I officially endorse Barack Obama and Joe Biden as the ticket for tomorrow. (Which, at this point, is as useful as when Clay Aiken admitted he was gay. Everyone knew it, this is just more official.)

My sincerest condolences go out to Senator Obama and Senator Biden, who have both lost family members near and dear to them on this campaign. I can relate to Senator Obama more though because like him I had a grandmother I was extremely close to pass away not too long ago. My grandmother was a wonderful, caring, and gentle woman. She immigrated to the United States in the 1950's, settling near Morristown, New Jersey. It was there she met my grandfather, and married him not too much longer after they had started dating. Years later, in the year 2004, she passed away due to complications of emphysema. She never got to see me graduate college, that would be two years later; but she held on as best as she could and I was able to say goodbye to her one last time when I came home from my semester abroad in England. She passed early the morning after I came home. I was, and will forever be greatful that she held on to see me, and I feel sadness and sympathy for Senator Obama, because his grandmother sadly could not make it to see election day. It wasn't because of lack of effort, it was because sadly it was her time.

Senator Obama, no matter the result, you are truly, to steal a catchphrase from Sean Hannity, "A great American". You stand for what we all believe in, for what we all wish this country was and want it to truly be. You are eloquent, personable, and you can crack a joke when you have to. You've shown a calm demeanor, and a stoic statesmanship in the face of an enemy who will do all he can to demoralize you and your base of support. A man who sees the Oval Office as a "reward" or a "retirement plan", and not a job. A man who picked a Barbie to be Vice President. I am sorry for your loss, Senator, and should you win the day...it will be in her honor. Her legacy will live in you.

Best of luck to the Obama/Biden camp. To the rest of you out there...


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