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Thursday, November 13, 2008

What the Monopoly movie SHOULD be...

So Ridley Scott is supposedly making a Monopoly movie, and it's going to have, the same futuristic sheen he gave Blade Runner." With that in mind, I submit to you, the viewing public, as originally submitted by myself on Pajiba, my synopsis for "Monopoly: The Movie".

2035...a Dystopian future like you've never seen. One man has an iron grip on the city. Its Banks. Its Utilities. Its Railroads. Its Hotels and its Apartments. All is owned and surveyed by one man...Rich "Uncle" Pennybags, or as the town calls him "Mr. Monopoly". (played by Anthony Hopkins)

Mr. Monopoly has had a grip on Monopoly City for a while now...but his embezzling accountant, Danny "the Wheelbarrel" Morgan (played by Ashton Kutcher) has just sold him out on an attempted murder of hot new singing sensation "Shoe" (played by Miley Cyrus) to D.A. Thimble (played by John C. McGinley). However, Thimble's hands are tied, thanks to sleazy defense attorney Jonathan "Top Hat" Banks (played by Colin Hanks) and his ability to get Mr. Monopoly off on a technicality.

Justice has long forsaken the streets of Monopoly...until two cops decided to beat the system at its own game. Lt. Barry "Battleship" Parker (Gary Busey) and Det. Scottie "Dog" Parker (Michael Chiklis) are two brothers who have their own sense of justice...street justice. With the help of The Wheelbarrel, DA Thimble, and the new rookie on the Force, Patrolman "Moneysack" (Haley Joel Osment); the Parker Brothers are going to take justice to the steps of Park Place, and make Mr. Monopoly pay for what he's done...WITH INTEREST!

With thrilling chases, sex and danger at every turn, and Free Parking sometimes doubling as a Stock Market, no one is getting out of jail for free! Coming in 2012, Monopoly...because in this game...there's no such thing as Sorry!


Anonymous said...

Hopefully a 'Blockbusters' film will follow this.

"In a World, where you can take a T from Bob..."

Mr. Controversy said...

Congratulations! You made me actually look that up on Google, to see what you were talking about. You should feel honored.