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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Mamma Mia Cliffs Notes

(Spoiler-rama, kiddies. Avoid if you like pain.)

- Blonde girl from Mean Girls doesn't know who her baby daddy is. She invites the three possible sperm donors to her wedding (which was impulsively proposed by her "boy") and a jet liner showers the title card with sparkley diamonds. Mamma Mia!

- Mommy's broke, the Inn needs fix'in, and she doesn't know who the father is either. On top of that, her cock crazy best friends show up for the wedding too. Mamma Mia!

- Daddy 1 is James Bond, Daddy 2 is Bootstrap Bill Turner, Daddy 3 is Colin Firth. Mommy is Sister Aloysius, Friend 1 is Mrs. Weasley, and Friend 2 is the Whore of Whoville. I wonder who ends up with who?! Mamma Mia!

- Songs are sung, my ears are bleeding, and by the end we find out that James Bond and Sister Aloysius are in lurve; Bootstrap Bill is being stalked by Mrs. Weasley, Colin Firth is a surprise gay and The Whore of Whoville rebuffs the advances of the young bartender whose behavior does not suggest he's straight in the least. (I smell a sequel...which probably identifies that odor coming from Christine Baranski's hoo-ha during the entire length of the picture.) Mamma Mi---*sound of profuse wretching*

- A bachelorette party is thrown, and it feels more like a cosmetic commercial than a musical number.

- Ms. Whoville engages in a musical number that looks like a feminine razor commercial.

- James Bond and Mommy Nun sing the only song in the film that I actually like in the film.

- Mommy and Blondie sing a song during a montage that illustrates their mother/daughter bond. I really can't slam this moment, it's actually kinda cute.

- Blondie and Dakin From The History Boys don't get married, Bond and the Nun do; everyone dances in soap as if it were a rave. Oh, and did I mention THEY NEVER TELL YOU WHO THE FUCKING FATHER IS?! Mamma Mia, the lost M. Night Shymalan masterpiece!

- The movie goes surprise gay itself and has everyone in tight fitting, ugly colored disco jumpsuits. Yes, even the men. Mamma...FUCKING...Mia, Assholes!

- Clovey, the Cloverfield Monster comes and eats them all; whilst I ride on top of its triumphant head and whoop and holler like Slim Pickens riding the A-Bomb.
- I wake up, pop The Dark Knight into the DVD player, and calm my jangled nerves.

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