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Mike Reyes, aka Mr. Controversy, has considered himself a writer ever since he was a child. He wrote for various school publications from about 1995 until 2006, and currently runs both The Bookish Kind and Mr. Controversy, which is an offshoot of the regular column he wrote in High School. He's also authored several short stories such as "The Devil's Comedian", "The Devil v. George W. Bush", and most recently "Wait Until Tomorrow". He resides in New Jersey. Any inquiries for reprinting, writing services, or general contact, should be forwarded to: michaelreyes72@hotmail.com

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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Already a Controversy...Damn I'm Good.

Just a quick note, not even a week has passed since the debut of this blog and already I've had my account locked due to "potentially objectionable content", which means someone probably clicked the "flag blog" button and I was forced to wait in suspense and wonder why my writings were being treated like sensitive material. Anyway, Classic Controversy should be coming soon, I just have to type the first one and post it.
Also, I did a Google search on the name Mr. Controversy, just to be safe/vain, and I saw other entries with other people. I admit, it's a simple name and it's something that hasn't really been copyrighted. My defense for using it...I created the column in high school, the name stuck, and I was published with the name on my column for three years running...and I will have the articles to prove it soon. Until then...

Sunday, April 27, 2008

I bleed in Times New Roman, motherfucker!

I made some small changes, will be posting soon. I'm thinking about starting off with Mr. Controversy Classic, before starting Mr. Controversy Modern. In the mean time, watch the skies...

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How?

Who: I'm Mike, a blogger just like the rest of you.

What: A blog filled with rants, raves, and very opinionated speech, which came from High School when I had a regular column filled with rants, raves, and very opinionated speech.

When: Now...duh.

Where: Here...again, duh.

Why: I always intended to go online with the column, but tried late night monologues and personal blogging on the internet first. Now, with the blogging craze going full speed (plus, I've been reading a lot of Deus Ex Malcontent at work.) I've decided

How: The powers of THE INTERNET!

To all the new, old, and old old readers, I'm back. It's happening. And it's going to be fun. When I get the chance, the insanity will start. Until then...