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Monday, January 12, 2009

Bastard in a Basket.com – The H.W. Plainview Blogs: Entry 2

Entry: “The Long Train Home, or My Father’s Forgotten Sins Are Nothing More Than Mere Tragedies of His Former Life”
Entry Dated: January 12th
Mood: Grumpy

The TRUE bastard of the Plainview household tried to put me on a train, AGAIN, in order to get me out of his sight. He still thinks that shit’s gonna work?! I counted, this is the fiftieth time he’s put me on a train! When is he going to realize I just jump off the caboose and hope for the warm embrace of Death, which never comes for me so I just walk back home. What’s worse, he pretends to MISS me yelling about how he “abandoned his child” and “abandoned his boy”. If I could hear, I’d probably go deaf anyway with all the howling he does. You’d think he was trying to win a fucking Oscar over here, he’s such a whiney bitch. A whiney bitch who’s pleased with the sauce, if you pick up on what I’m saying. I swear, if I have to trip over one more goddamn Jack Daniel’s bottle, I’ll bludgeon him with it. Talk about giving the old man a taste of his own medicine. Why the fuck did he have to find my basket? Why couldn’t I be raised by wolves? At least then, I’d have a cooler excuse for pissing on the fireplace besides, “I hate my old man”. *sigh* At least I have my Playboys. They always keep me company. Oh Miss January...you show no judgements, only cleavage.

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