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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

First Gentleman, First Bad-Ass! (Warning: Some Spoilers for 24)

This is Henry Taylor, husband to President Allison Taylor. He is a kind man. A man of great warmth, loyalty, and compassion. He is also a man who will KILL you if you even think of getting in the way of his quest for the truth. If you even THINK of trying to poison him, he'll take you out. If you watched 24 last night, you'd know that Mr. Taylor is the person responcible for the first badassed moment of what has been, so far, a season of weak sauce leftovers. I almost lost faith, but this man restored it. It is with great thanks and praise that I submit Henry Taylor to you all as the "B-Story Hero" on 24. I wonder who he'll fight next, maybe...

Ethan Kanin, President Taylor's Chief of Staff, and bound to be future pain in the ass bureaucrat. I would wager that by the end of the season, these two men will have duked it out on top of the Capital building in a shirtless, bare knuckled brawl, whilst DC burns all around them. (Or at the very least, an intense conversation about loyalty and not interfering with the President's foreign policy agenda.) At any rate, I'd like to say welcome back 24! I'm glad to see you back on television. Asses will be kicked, judgement shall be rendered, and all thanks to America's greatest living hero (besides Batman) has returned.

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