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Friday, January 9, 2009

R.I.P. Clovey! Never Neglect 1-18-08!

One of the guys over at Efilmcritic.com had this to say in his review for Bride Wars:

"After a while, the pranks become so cruel and vindictive that you’ll find yourself rooting for either the grooms to take a cue from Mr. Big and get the hell out while they still can or for the “Cloverfield” monster to arrive and make the entire argument moot." (for the full text, click it here: http://www.efilmcritic.com/review.php?movie=17990&reviewer=389)

Either great minds think alike, or Peter Sobczynski read the Men's Pain Index! Whatever the reasoning, I happen to agree and will carry this thought with me into the theater should I be brought to see this film.

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