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Friday, January 30, 2009

Song and Dance, Stanza 3

The muse has seized me once more. Here's a jaunty tune to remind you all to go see "Taken" this weekend. Also, greatest respect to Roger Ebert who used this very gag (and very song) in his review of "Wet Hot American Summer".

(to the tune of Hello Muddah, Hello Faddah)

Liam Neeson's
daughter's missing.
His great anger,
will leave you pissing.

In your pants or,
in a diaper.
If you hurt her,
he'll kill your ass like a viper.

He does not know,

who you are.
But he'll leave you,
with some scars.

On your face or,

in your anus.
Then you bleed to death,
and it will entertain us.

See this movie,
and enjoy it.
Liam Neeson,
need employment.

And besides it

surely will be,
the only Fox release this year
that's audience worthy!


Marra Alane said...

Um, if you could please do all your reviews to popular songs from the 40s, that would be awesome and hilarious.

Mr. Controversy said...

You think that was funny? Just wait until you see the one I have planned for my book review on Twilight. (Hope you like Billy Joel.)

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