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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The CW: Where Creativity is Overrated (especially compared to the corpses of already bad ideas!)

Good news for all you 90’s fans…Melrose Place is the latest relic to be revived courtesy of the CW (http://www.comingsoon.net/news/tvnews.php?id=53185). In “honor” of such an event, here’s a list of some shows that are BEGGING to make a comeback…

7th Heaven (Or 7th Heaven, The Next Generation)

Since the CW is ostensibly UPN and the WB, they should have the rights to this puppy no problem. Also, in this Godless, Commie, Homo loving world; isn’t it time for some sorely missed Christian morality? Here’s the twist though…we focus it on Lucy Camden’s family this time! Yes, grown up and with her husband by her side, we see their lovable brood grow and make the same foolish mistakes the first Camden family did! And better yet, we can get the rest of the family to make guest appearances, to show us what America’s number fun family has been doing these past few years! (Besides, none of them have real careers right now anyway. Well except the dad…he was great on It’s Always Sunny.) Or, if we want to go the "reality TV" route, we could just make this a show about the Palins.

Baywatch (Or Baywatch, The Next Generation)

Knight Rider is a lost cause, get over it America. Just let it die as it should, so Val Kilmer can run against Arnold Schwarzenegger for Governor of Awesomeness. That said, isn’t it time we bring back this ecologically relevant show, along with David Hasselhoff’s career? (The two are practically Siamese twins when you think about it.) Way before 24 or An Inconvenient Truth were ever blips on the American public’s radar, this show tackled both terrorism AND environmentalism. Plus, it showed off a hell of a lot of Grade A Playboy choice cut trim! (Boy, that Pamela Anderson…talk about timeless beauty?)

Star Trek: The Next Generation (or Star Trek: The Next Generation)

Hey, if the Original Series can get an update in special effects and go back into syndication, then this deserves the same respect. Besides, there’s a desperate lacking of Patrick Stewart, Jonathan Frakes, Brent Spiner, and Michael Dorn on television. Oh, and John DeLancie…he was awesome. (Why was there never a Q spin off? They could have renamed his wife A and it could have been “Q and A”. Classic!)

Tales From The Crypt

Because Nicole Richie is going to need work with a second baby on the way. (Honestly, how does she fit them in their? It’s like watching a snake digest a human head.) Or, we could make it a YouTube series and cast Rush Limbaugh as the Crypt Keeper. Just think of it...top Hollywood talent with a coheirant, yet scary message! I can see the episode titles now: "Bailout of Doom", "The Republican Blood Letting of '08", and my personal favorite "Yes We Can...Die at the Hands of Socialist Arabs".

An Original Show That Isn’t A Remake/Reality Show/Procedural/Dog and Pony Show/News Magazine about Pedophiles
…NAH! Too hard.

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