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Friday, February 13, 2009

One Last Fail...

No, I'm not going to give this up, particularly since AMC is the only theater chain I can go to, and if they're going to fuck around with the public in the middle of an economic crisis, then they're going to feel it. AMC Theaters have once more removed the disclaimer that Movie Watchers can only get their tickets for $25 on their official Showcase page. Instead, they now have it on their Fandango page, in small print nonetheless.

The picture isn't to scale, but even at full size, the text is rather small and plain, so I put a nice red box around it...just like AMC should have done. You think they could have at least put the text in Red or something to catch your eye. Even better, they could have put the warning on the page where you're about to buy the ticket. It still doesn't explain the failure to make MovieWatcher discounts available to the public via an online venue. Ticketmaster is already being a bitch, don't make the public light its torches against YOU Fandango!

As for the "reimbursement" I received from the company, it was a letter and four coupons for "Free Small Drinks, or an upgrade to a larger size". I don't know how much a Small Drink costs, but each of those damn coupons better net me $2.50, otherwise I'm going to complain to you again Nick Labruzzo, Coordinator of Operations Excellence at AMC Theatres.

That having been said, I look forward to the Best Picture Showcase, and I look forward to recounting what me and my panel of experts have to say about the five films presented.

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