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Friday, February 27, 2009

What Have We Learned This Week? (week of Feb. 27th)


On this, the 250th post of Mr. Controversy, I'd like to take time to address you all personally. While I am indeed an attention whore and pop culture addict, I also care about quality and innovation. As such, I
'm trying something new out this week, and I would much appreciate some feed back. I'm trying to think up some regular features for the ol' Bloggin' Hole here and I've got a couple I'm dying to try out. One of them is "The Monday GAAAH!", which will be a free floating hostility platform that'll help wake me from the writer's block that is Monday Morning. If you want an idea on how that would work, here's an example from the past. I'll mention some general stuff that pisses me off, and some of it will be explained in detail as the week goes on.

As a book end to that, I want to have what you're about to see here..."What Have We Learned This Week?" could be in any form really: a paragraph, a pithy one liner, a lengthened diatribe, or in this week's case a simple video, that could tie up the week in rage. I'm also contemplating some business ventures I may want to embark on (audio commentaries for films being one of them) so watch this space for future developments.

Thanks for keeping my ass interested and on the Internet for 250 posts, and almost a full year. I appreciate all of you visiting and commenting and just being the fantastic audience you are. Whatever success I gain from this endeavor is your success as well. Now, with all of your asses properly kissed, here's what we've learned for the week of February 27th.

(Note: For those of you unable to access the video, what we've learned this week is this...NIXON'S BAAAAACK! Thank you.)

Watch more Futurama videos on AOL Video


Sarah The Anime Librarian said...

These are groovy ideas! They get my vote!

Jeremy Feist said...

Hmmm...All I have learned this week is that I can't watch Comedy Central videos in Canada. Bummer. *Cue the star flying overhead*

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