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Monday, March 16, 2009

The Monday GAAAH! 3/16/09

This week’s Monday GAAAH is dedicated to Ron Silver. Award winning character actor, passionate political activist, and just all around awesome presence; he passed this weekend after a fight with esophageal cancer. Fond remembrances and heartfelt sympathy to his family and friends.

- Ben Bernake thinks the economy is going to be brightening by next year. Combine that with the Wall Street rally as of late, and the DABA girls are probably wetting their panties right now.

- I’m still laughing at that Elmo/Ricky Gervais video. I love moments where everyone gets caught up in laughter so strong, you haven’t a clue what the hell you were doing in the first place.

- Kathy Griffin really needs to retire. Either that, or go back on the meds.

- Under NO circumstances should Ms. Griffin and Ryan Seacrest be allowed to mate. This would be disastrous, and would trigger planet wide destruction. (I’m talking “Lindsay Lohan, Open Bar, Hilary Duff record signing” disastrous.)

- Don’t forget to do your taxes. Think of it as a gift under the money tree, just waiting for you to claim it…after you fill out a 1040 form for both Federal and State government.

- Is it just me or is Bill Clinton starting to look like Ted Kennedy? This isn’t meant as an insult, just that if you see him photographed from a certain angle, you’ll see what I mean. (The Huffington Post has a good picture like this.)

- Tucker Carlson started bitching again about Jon Stewart recently. Apparently his ass is still so sore from the Crossfire spankdown he received, he needs a fleet of nurses to apply Preparation-H to his bottom. (It’s either that, or Bill O’Reilly’s been pounding it a bit to hard lately. I just thought the Crossfire joke would be classier.)

- AIG is granting bonuses with bailout money. Good for them…let’s see how they feel when they are denied for any further funding, brought under a Senate subcommittee for corporate malfeasance and embezzlement, and have their offices bought up by someone else to turn the place into a Chuck E. Cheese after their bankruptcy. I believe businesses should succeed, but can we pull the plug on this lame duck already?

- Watchmen fell to #2 this weekend, thanks to Race to Witch Mountain. It’s doubtful they’ll recoup their budget for the film, according to Box Office analysts. And people wonder why they’re forcefed halfassed remakes of foreign films and pandering family pictures. Up next week: I Love You Man, Knowing, and Duplicity! (Listed in accordance with their predicted positions on opening weekend.)

- Hugh Grant and Sarah Jessica Parker made a movie together. Repent.

- They’re ALREADY “re-imagining” Death at a Funeral. Guess I better see the first one before Alan Tudyk gets replaced by Tracy Morgan. Yeah…click on that link before you start laughing as if I made a joke. (Although, speaking of coincidences, the remake will have Ron Glass (aka Shepherd Book from Firefly). I guess this means we’ll see Nathan Fillion in the Broadway version?


Jeremy Feist said...

You take that back about Kathy Griffin! That bitch is several kinds of sheer awesomeness. Fie on you, Mr. C! FIE!

Yeah, I have no idea what fie actually means.

Mr. Controversy said...

Me neither, but doesn't it sound good?

Sarah The Anime Librarian said...

I'd say I'd agree with the Tucker Carlson thought (I mean we all know who is the bitch and who is the butch between him and bill o'Reilly) but we also know that O'Reilly's hugely obnioxious persona is compensation for a small...well you know....so Tuckers ass can't be THAT sore.

Mr. Controversy said...

Sarah: You're lucky I wasn't drinking soda when reading that, because that was pretty damn funny.

Sarah The Anime Librarian said...

Then my day's work is done, sir. :)