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Monday, March 23, 2009

The Monday GAAAH! 3/23/09

Another Monday has arrived, and since it's one of the 24 or so Mondays I get to sit back and watch Jack Bauer defend America, it's not that bad.

- My condolences to my geek brethren who are Battlestar Galactica fans. I haven't seen the show yet (still delaying on starting the miniseries, so I can refresh myself before I watch Season 1 for the first time), but it sucks when a good show goes off the air. May you find yourselves replete with Doctor Who reruns.

- If ever riding in a car I’m driving, DO NOT play John Powell music…unless you want me to drive thinking I’m in an action movie with a lot of car chases. (Even the Bolt soundtrack.)

- Speaking of which, I have to criticize Disney on the bad move of only releasing the Blu Ray of Bolt on Sunday, while the rest of us have to wait until Tuesday to buy the movie. Yeah, I know it comes with a DVD copy, but you know what? I STILL DON’T HAVE A BLU RAY PLAYER! In fact, I’m sure there’s a significant percentage of people that are in the same boat, and we don’t appreciate you being idiots and trying to get us to spend $10 extra on a disc we cannot use until you rerelease the damn movie in a 4 disc Blu Ray “More Bark For Your Buck” edition! Don’t follow Warner Brothers’ example when it comes to cheap stunts with DVD releases.

- Don’t ever buy an Acme catapult. Trust me on this, even if you’re not a coyote with a genius IQ, it still doesn’t work.

- I called last weekend’s box office results! The only mistake I made was I thought awkward man love would have trumped catastrophic catastrophe buried in a number find puzzle. Next weekend’s predictions: Monsters vs. Aliens 3D, I Love You Man, The Haunting in Connecticut.

- To anybody who went to see Knowing this weekend, or plans on seeing it in the near future: Congratulations, your money is going to be used to make New Moon. (Come to think of it, they could kill even more in the box office by throwing together a simple teaser with voiceover and the logo, throw it onto the current prints for Knowing, and advertise the hell out of it. Also, just tell the girls seeing this movie will help them pay for better sparkle effects.)

- I was published on Pajiba again. Clearly they’ve realized that their last assassin’s attempt on my life ended with him falling into the ocean…ok, so it was a vat of salt water taffy. I shall await the next challenger with the taffy made from his predecessor.

- “Catastrophic Catastrophe”…sounds like a good spoof title. Or an Indie Rock band that’ll become popular with the college set. (Think “Vampire Weekend”.) I call dibs on that name, btw.

- Nature needs to make up its mind. Is it Spring or is it Winter? (There IS no “Sprinter” option here.)

- Liam Neeson = Class act. He waved and smiled to the paparazzi at his wife’s funeral, he wave and smiled when he visited her in the hospital, and this is amazing considering if he wanted to he’d have every right to flip out on them and break their cameras/faces. This is what we call class and restraint, and I think it needs to be rewarded when it’s present.

- Who wants to bet Mad Money gets cancelled within the next two months? Anybody?

- I want to see Up! really, really badly. Disney, if you’re reading this, I will seriously dress up in the Stitch costume for a day, FOR FREE, if I could get advanced screening tickets to take my girlfriend and my family to see Up! I’ll even talk to kids in the Stitch voice, I’ve done it before!

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