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Monday, March 30, 2009

The Monday GAAAH! (3/30/2009)

This weekend really seemed to fly by. I demand a redo! Ok, maybe not. After all, this weekend wasn’t exactly anything to write home about.

- Ok, so Knowing had more firepower than I expected and I Love You Man managed to fall a little quicker than expected, but Monsters Vs. Aliens 3D and The Haunting of Connecticut still made the top two. Meh, I’m still honing my skills here kids. Next weekends projections: Fast and Furious (or as I’ve come to call it “Fast and Furious: The Movie We Should Have Made Two Sequels Ago”), Adventureland, and bah I’ll just throw Knowing up there again.

- Eric Cantor has been putting up with some criticism for going to a Britney Spears concert the night of President Obama’s last press conference at the White House. This lead to, what Politico states as, “…the indignity of having his name appear in print next to the words “Britney Spears.” Well crap, if that’s an indignity, it’s a good thing the April Fools edition of my school newspaper never got printed back in High School. I was Photoshop-ed into a photo with her…and it was a WEDDING photo nonetheless. Now I’ll never be able to go into politics.

- Perez Hilton recently celebrated his birthday. I didn’t know society had moved onto a point where we celebrate atrocities instead of decrying them. Silly me. Though I find it funny that he got a bottle of champagne from Zac Efron, and was sung to by the Jonas Brothers. That’s not suggesting anything about them, is it?

- Norm Coleman has threatened to start “World War III” if Minnesota event tries to seat Al Franken as their senator before he’s finally exhausted every legal venue he can. Meanwhile, Minnesota is without a senator, and as such I’d like to suggest a couple temporary replacements: A bear, A moose, or myself. There, you have three political animals to choose from, and only one that can enter a room without destroying anything. (Though I’d still favor myself over the moose.)

- Watch the Where the Wild Things Are trailer. You’ll rejoice when you realize that THIS is what kids movies are supposed to be. (Well, like this and Up! Still waiting, Disney!)

- Fox News has launched its own opinion site, “Fox Nation”. This surprises me, since the word “opinion” usually leaves room for more than one option, which is the antithesis to the Fox News way.

- Hilary Duff is going to be on Law and Order: SVU. I’ve heard NBC is planning on airing reruns of “Heroes” and “To Catch A Predator”, figuring the special SVU will be a great lead-in for the “Pervert” demographic.

- High School Musical 3 won some Kids Choice Awards. I guess that’s the preteen entertainment industry’s “Retire Before You Embarrass Yourself” award, much like the Oscar is to the rest of the industry. (Though it is kinda funny seeing a Paramount owned network giving awards to a Disney produced project. Irony is not lost amongst the world yet.)

- ShoWest is this week. That’s the time of the year where all of us movie geeks who didn’t get our fill of teaser posters with ComicCon drool over all the new ad wonderment. Still no Avatar ads though, which makes me think if James Cameron has just been pissing Fox’s money down the drain, only to show up at the last minute and not have a movie. C’mon, TEN years we’ve been waiting for something, and nothing to advertise the film with a Christmas release date stamped into everyone’s DNA over at Lightstorm Entertainment. Mr. Cameron, I saw Titanic. It was an enjoyable film, but could have used some work. Hell, I started dating the woman I love with that film. I think you owe it to me, and the rest of the world, to start parting the curtains and start selling us on your latest “make or break” picture. We need to get excited about this, and we need to start getting excited now. Otherwise…there’s always going back to the Terminator series.

- Though, now that I think about it, maybe minimal hype and the release of a trailer/some images at the last moment will serve the film well. Either that, or it’ll Titanic your career. Either way, count me in for an IMAX 3D showing or two.

- I enjoy the show Two and a Half Men. It’s the perfect show to just turn off for the evening to, and as far as sitcoms go it’s quite funny and untraditional. That, and Charlie Sheen just makes me laugh. He really does take after his old man.

- Look Around You ended its Adult Swim run last week, and it was a fitting end to what’s fast become a comedic favorite of mine. I’m going to miss the show, but at least they’ve brought The Mighty Boosh to America to take its place. I’ve been familiarizing myself with the Boosh as of late, and so far it’s pretty damn funny. Looking forward to seeing the episodes online sometime this week. (Look up the Eels song on YouTube, it’s worth it!)

- Finally, that weasely ShamWOW guy (as opposed to the Grizzly Adams bearded one) got arrested for beating up a hooker! Something tells me he wanted to wear the microphone while they were engaged in activity, she denied him the right to record his own commentary and bit him, and thus he hurt a woman for denying him to record the ad for his new line of sexual stimulants, “StiffWOW!” Some people are so touchy these days.

Thanks to MSN, Politico and the Huffington Post for providing news I can read and snark on about. Also, should any of you find that the joke about “StiffWOW!” be tasteless, or not up to the quality you expect from this site, please send me a comment in the comments section, and I’ll see what I can do.


Sarah The Anime Librarian said...

I love "Look around you." It will be missed.

Mr. Controversy said...

Very true, though the Serefinowitz/Popper team are creating a new show about a made up religion for Adult Swim. The Wiki entry for Look Around You has a link to the homepage for said religion.